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  • Please, only use capital letters where they are used in normal English, e.g. at the start of a name.
  • If you are creating a new entry remember to check the New entry box.
  • The Nickname entry is an alternative abbreviation for the unit.
  • The Curriculum entry should interests or projects not listed under the department name.
  • The Phone number, Fax, Mobile phone and Email entries should be of the contact person.
  • The Department heirarchy entry should contain your department name plus the full hierarchy to which your department belonngs. For example, the entry for Applied Physics should have the the Department heirarchy field:
    Applied Physics
    School of Physics
    Faculty of Science
    Academic Group A
  • The Subdivisions is a list of the department names which are logically within your department. For example, Applied Physics is a subdivision of the School of Physics.
  • The Comments should contain comments about the department not covered by the other fields.
  • The URL should be entered if the department has a World Wide Web (WWW) home page.
  • Please check there is not an existing entry for you before asking for a new one to be created.
  • Some text you submit might be alterred slightly to conform to standard naming conventions (eg if you submit "Physics" as the department this could be changed to "School of Physics").
  • It could take some time before your new entry appears. After submitting the details you will then be contacted to verify the details submitted.

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