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Kate McClymont

Sydney confidential

Investigative journalist Kate McClymont is giving back to the University.

Positive computing

Positive computing

Software that supports psychological wellbeing.

Sarah Ramwell

Channelling her passion

Sarah Ramwell-Morton, lawyer with a cause.


Veni, Vidi, Vegas

Rome and Las Vegas share a common sensibility.

Irene Strodthoff

Our woman in Chile

Irene Strodthoff , Latin American studies scholar.

Jackie Lauff

Sport matters

Jackie Lauff is harnessing the cultural power of sport.


Dentists pro bono

Sydney dentists volunteer to help the needy, here and overseas.


The nano state

Physics, medical technology and the nano frontier.

Sydney extra

Find out what's happening on campus and beyond with more news and event updates.

Sydney Festival

Lunchtime learning at CPC

The Charles Perkins Centre is now hosting free lunchtime seminars from world-leading academics.


Postgraduate studies

Flexible coursework programs from a graduate certificate or diploma to a master’s degree are now on offer.

Let's talk

Let's talk

Join us for free evening lectures, forums and debates, as part of the Sydney Ideas program.

Image of events

Events calendar

The University events calendar includes Sydney Ideas lectures, exhibitions, student events and much more.