Student Accommodation Services

Sydney skyline

Sydney skyline

Welcome! Student Accommodation Services can help you find out about available on-campus living options. There are other options available close to campus too, which we can provide information about.

Whether you live on or off campus or are here for the summer, you will find yourself living in one of Sydney's suburbs. You may apply to live in one of the University's on-campus accommodation or be looking for assistance in your off-campus accommodation search. We can help simplify finding a place to live.

Use the Accommodation Database to find off-campus housing. People who are looking for tenants can also use this database to advertise.

We are committed to providing quality services and programs that enhance residential student success in safe and inclusive living learning communities. To help you adjust to living on campus, we've also provided information on dealing with roommate relationships and which health and wellness services are available if you are having trouble during your transition, feeling unsafe or experiencing any personal problems.