Camperdown on-campus living (catered)

The University of Sydney has several options for on-campus living, ranging from terraces to residential colleges with catered meals. Most of the on-campus living are located on or near the main campus which is in the suburb of Camperdown.

On-campus living provides several advantages to students. Residents will be able to develop relationships with other residents and foster a sense of community, engage in the social, educational and cultural programs and take part in leadership roles within the communal environment – all of which will enhance the on-campus living experience!

With the exception of International House, which is owned and operated by the University of Sydney, the colleges listed on this page are independently managed. They maintain close affiliations and working relationships with the University to ensure a high quality living-learning experience for all students. Each college has its own application process. You should apply to the college or colleges for which you wish to be considered. You may apply to as many of the colleges as you wish.

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