Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC), run by students since 1929, offers undergraduate students autonomous and confidential advice on matters such as:

  • Youth Allowance and Centrelink
  • academic appeals
  • discontinuing/withdrawing
  • students at risk
  • showing cause
  • exclusion
  • tenancy advice
  • fee refunds
  • harassment and discrimination
  • international student issues
  • plagiarism and misconduct.

The SRC also provides free legal advice and representation and a $50 emergency loan.

You can buy and sell your textbooks for a great price at the SRC second-hand bookshop in the Wentwoth Building.

Get involved by running in our elections for a position on the SRC Council or join one of the SRC's collectives which campaign around various issues.

You can also contribute to student publications such as Honi Soit, our weekly student newspaper.

Membership cost: free

Supporter's membership - help support your SRC so it can support you.

For more information, visit the SRC website