Student representation

Positions in student organisations and on faculty boards and the University's academic board are rewarding ways to get involved in life on campus.

Faculty and academic board positions for students provide a unique opportunity to be part of the decision making processes on campus, while getting involved in a student organisation is a great way to meet new people and share common interests. They'll also help you develop valuable social and leadership skills, and offer the opportunity to engage in a wide range of cultural, political and sporting activities.

Student organisations can also provide support, advocacy and advice during your time on campus.

For more information on applying for student representative roles, see the calendar below.

Student representation opportunities
  Nominations open Nominations close Voting opens Voting closes Poll
USU TBA 2015 TBA 2015 Absentee voting TBA 2015 TBA 2015 (Main election day on campus) TBA 2015
SUPRA TBA 2015 TBA 2015 TBA 2015 (postal votes) TBA 2015 (main election days) TBA 2015
SRC Early August 2014 Late August 2014 Mid September (postal and other campuses) Mid September (two days of voting on main campus) Late September
Senate 28 July 2014 20 August 2014 10 September 2014 8 October 2014 8 October 2014
Faculty boards 4 August 2014 18 August 2014 1 September 2014 15 September 2014 16 September 2014
Academic Board 23 September 2014 7 October 2014 21 October 2014 4 November 2014 5 November 2014