University of Sydney Union (USU)

The University of Sydney Union (USU)] is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing the best uni life experience in the country!

All income generated from the USU’s products and services is invested directly back into the student experience and reflected in their extensive range of student programs, leadership opportunities, entertainment, and their coveted Clubs and Societies Program, which boasts more than 200 interest groups on campus (there are over 200 such as roller derby, polo, quidditch, musical theatre, politics, cocktails and ghost hunting - check out the USU website for the full list).

The USU also throws OWeek, Australia’s biggest university orientation festival, as well as a jam-packed calendar of events throughout the year.

An ACCESS card will help you make the most of uni life, including exclusive discounts on and off campus. Get 15 percent off all over campus* with cheap food, drinks and other uni essentials.

Check online for the full list of discounts.

*Available at Unimart, The Sydney Store and every food and drink outlet on the main campus excluding Ralph's and Mint. 10 percent off at Poolside Café.

2015 membership prices
  • Annual membership: $75
  • 3-year membership; $175
  • 5-year membership: $275

Head to the ACCESS Desk in Manning House to purchase your ACCESS card, or buy online.