Your enrolment

Conditions of enrolment

Your enrolment

You must ensure that your enrolment is correct at the time of the census dates

If you don’t, and there is an error with your enrolment, this error will remain on your record. This is because the Higher Education Support Act 2003 makes it an offence for the University to alter your record after the census dates except in clearly defined and exceptional circumstances. See the important dates list to view census dates and relevant deadlines.

Units of study offered over the full duration of either Semester One or Semester Two have census dates of 31 March and 31 August respectively. Units of study offered in non-standard sessions may use census dates that vary significantly from those mentioned above.

If you’re enrolling in any units of study offered in non-standard sessions, make sure you are aware of the census dates relevant to those units.

You must check that your Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) is accurate

If you are a Commonwealth-supported or -assisted student, you have a final opportunity to correct any errors with your enrolment once you receive your Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN). These notices are sent to you electronically within the 28 days following each census date relevant to your enrolment. The final date for the correction of any errors you detect is clearly displayed on the notice.

If you do not wish to receive your CAN via email, you should write to the Director, Student Centre, briefly outlining the reasons why. You need to send your request by mail; email will not be considered. Should you receive an exemption from electronic delivery, a copy of the CAN will be sent to you by mail.

Address requests for exemptions to:
Director, Student Centre,
Jane Foss Russell Building, G02
The University of Sydney, NSW 2006

You must know your FEE-HELP balance

If you are an eligible domestic full fee-paying student, and have elected to take a FEE-HELP loan, you must know your FEE-HELP balance at all times and inform the University if you don’t have enough FEE-HELP balance to cover your full enrolment.

For information about what the FEE-HELP balance is, its relevance to you and how to calculate it, visit the Australian Government's Study Assist website.