Your additional responsibilities as an international student

Student visas

International students who hold Australian student visas must make sure that they comply with their visa conditions at all times.

Completion within the expected duration of study

Higher education providers are required to ensure that international students complete their studies within the duration specified on their electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE).

Extensions to your course duration can only be allowed in limited circumstances and with the permission of your faculty. The allowable circumstances are for compassionate or compelling circumstances, where an intervention strategy has been implemented or where there has been an approved leave of absence or suspension.

Online/distance study

As an international student staying in Australia on a student visa, you may not undertake more than 25 per cent of your total course by distance and/or online learning. You must not enrol exclusively in distance or online study in any compulsory study period.

Satisfactory progress

You must maintain satisfactory progress in your course at all times. The University is obliged to advise the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) when an Australian student visa holder is not maintaining satisfactory academic progress. This may result in an automatic visa cancellation. If you experience any difficulties with your studies, please contact your faculty immediately.

There are a wide range of support services available to students. If you’re not sure where to turn to for assistance, please contact the University’s international student advisers by email:

Leave of absence

The University is required to advise DIAC when an Australian student visa holder discontinues their studies. If your faculty grants you a leave of absence or suspension for medical or serious compassionate reasons, contact the International Student Office’s Compliance Unit at for advice on how your leave of absence or suspension will affect your student visa.