Academic verifications

In May 2009 the University of Sydney introduced new stationery for the printing of official Academic Transcripts, Certificates of Graduate Status and other documents. The new stationery is purple in colour with an image of the University coat of arms in the centre and a white header which includes the name and colour coat of arms of the University of Sydney.

Employers, agencies or persons seeking verification of a student's or former student's qualifications should submit a written request by fax, email or post to Academic Records. The student's full name, date of birth and student ID number (if known) should be included. Information cannot be provided over the phone.

If additional information is required, e.g. enrolment dates or the major(s) achieved, a signed written authority from the student or former student is required. If sending an email request, this authority should be scanned and included.

Verification of documents

Employers, agencies or persons seeking verification of documents, e.g. Academic Transcripts or degree certificates, should submit a written request by fax, email or post, to Academic Records, accompanied by a copy of the document that needs verifying. Academic Records will then verify the authenticity of the document(s).

Processing time

All requests will be processed within 3 working days. Please do not send multiple requests as these delay the process.

For submission of written requests to Academic Records

Academic Records
Level 3, Jane Foss Russell Bldg, G02
University of Sydney NSW 2006

Fax: +61 2 8627 8284
If you have any queries or require additional information please contact us.