Information for domestic students

Domestic students are Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens and all Australian permanent resident visa holders.

Information for international students

Cross-institutional and non-award study

The University of Sydney allows students enrolled at other universities to undertake University of Sydney units of study, with a view to having them credited towards their course at their home university. Under certain conditions, the University also allows its own students to complete units of study at other universities to be credited towards their University of Sydney degree. This is known as "cross-institutional study".

Some University of Sydney faculties also allow enrolment in individual units of study by students not seeking an award (degree). This is known as "non-award" or "non-degree" study.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate units of study may be available to non-award and cross-institutional students, however prerequisites may apply.

Students interested in non-award or cross-institutional study at the University of Sydney, or University of Sydney students interested in applying for cross-institutional study at another university, should contact the relevant faculty office for more information.

Summer/Winter School

The University operates a Summer School and Winter School that offer award courses to currently enrolled University of Sydney students as well as to cross-institutional students.

Short or Continuing Education courses

The University has a Centre for Continuing Education which offers short or continuing education courses for anyone interested in studying for personal or professional development.