UAC Mid-Year Domestic undergraduate admission 2014

The University will be offering a small number of domestic undergraduate student places for Semester 2, 2014 through UAC's Mid-Year undergraduate admissions process. Applications are now open through the undergraduate section at UAC.

Please note that if you have already applied for 2014 study do not submit a new application, simply change your preferences through the Check & Change section of the UAC website.

Applications close on Friday 9 June.

International students who have applied for Semester 2, 2014 admission through UAC will be considered in UAC's International Mid-Year process. Other International students should contact the International Services.

For more information on applying through UAC, visit UAC's Applying FAQs.

Courses available

The list of courses offered for 2014 Mid-Year admission appears below. Click on the course name for more information.

You cannot apply for courses that do not appear on the courses list.

 Course code  Course name
 5112000  B Arts
 5115040  B Commerce
 5115100  B Commerce (Liberal Studies)
 5115300  B Commerce/B Arts
 5115350  B Commerce/B Science
 5117160  B Engineering (Aeronautical)
 5117180  B Engineering (Aero) (Space)
 5117290  B Engineering (Mechanical)
 5117300  B Engineering (Mechatronic)
 5117320  B Engineering (Mechanical) (Space)
 5117330  B Engineering (Mechatronic) (Space)
 5117350  B Engineering (Chemical and Biomolecular)
 5117410  B Engineering (Civil)
 5117420  B Engineering (Civil) (Construction Management)
 5117430  B Engineering (Civil) (Environmental)
 5117440  B Engineering (Civil) (Geotechnical)
 5117450  B Engineering (Civil) (Structures)
 5117480  B Engineering (Electrical) (Power)
 5117500  B Engineering (Electrical)
 5117530  B Engineering (Software)
 5117580  B Engineering (Biomedical)
 5117600  B Engineering/B Commerce
 5117610  B Information Technology/B Commerce
 5117630  B Information Technology/B Medical Science
 5117640  B Information Technology/B Science
 5117650  B Information Technology/B Arts
 5117700  B Engineering/B Science
 5117800  B Engineering/B Arts
 5117840  B Engineering/B Project Management
 5117850  B Project Management
 5117900  B Engineering/B Medical Science
 5117950  B Computer Science and Technology
 5117960  B Computer Science and Technology (Adv)
 5117970  B Information Technology
 5120090  B Liberal Arts and Science
 5120400  B Science
 5120940  B Science/B Arts

There are two factors that prevent the University offering more courses for mid-year admission. Professional courses (eg, Pharmacy, Vet Science, etc) are taught on a yearly basis that does not allow for mid-year entry. Other courses that are structured to cater for mid-year entry have been over-subscribed by new enrolments from January 2014.

The next opportunity to apply for all University of Sydney undergraduate courses is August 2014, when UAC applications for 2015 admissions commence.

Applicant ranking

All applicants for UAC Mid-Year admission are ranked in a standard manner equivalent to the January UAC admission session. Applicants should be aware that all tertiary study attempts in 2014 (Semester 1), regardless of the results gained, are ignored in the ranking process, because the UAC Mid-Year offers are made prior to the general release of Semester 1 results.

As a result, applicants will be assessed and ranked on their 'qualifications' gained prior to 2014. For most applicants this will be the NSW ATAR (or equivalent). In addition, some applicants will also be considered on the basis of tertiary study attempts of at least one full-time year (completed prior to 2014).

Applicant selection

In a similar way to the January UAC intake, applicants are selected in descending rank order until the required number of offers are generated.

Entry standards for Mid-Year admission may vary from those in January. The number of applicants, their qualification ranks and the number of places available are the factors that determine the entry standard for each course. In previous years, the entry standards (ATAR cut-offs) for some courses have been higher than those reported in January, and in some instances, significantly higher. For most courses, the January entry standard will apply to the Mid-Year session.

Applicants should be aware that entry standards will not be lower than those set in January 2014.

Applicants may seek further information and advice from the Admissions Office prior to completing their UAC Mid-Year application. The UAC application processing fee is non-refundable.

Offers, acceptance and enrolment

Although there are three UAC Mid-Year offer rounds, the University of Sydney will only be making offers in the Main Round, scheduled for release at UAC on Friday 25 June 2014 at 7.30am.

If you receive an offer of admission to the University of Sydney (on 25 June), you will be provided with information on how to enrol.

You will not be able to defer a UAC Mid-Year offer for the University of Sydney.

Further information

If you are seeking further information about the UAC Mid-Year admissions process, how your application will be assessed and/or ranked on your particular qualifications, or the likelihood of your application being successful, you should contact the Admissions Office:

  • In person: Level 4, Jane Foss Russell Building (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
  • By phone: 02 8627 8210
  • By email: