Special Consideration

We understand that sometimes serious circumstances outside your control may prevent you meeting your assessment commitments.

When this occurs, you may wish to apply for special consideration.

Special Consideration may be granted if an illness or serious circumstance beyond your control prevents or affects your preparation or performance in an exam or assessment., For example, you may be eligible if short-term acute illness prevents you from submitting your assessment on time or from attending an exam. In these circumstances you are encouraged to apply for special consideration from your faculty.

You will generally be required to provide some proof of the circumstances that prevented you from meeting your assessment commitments, for details on this please consult your faculty.

Timelines apply for special consideration so act quickly if you have been unable to complete assessment and consider that you are eligible for special consideration.

If you have an ongoing condition or disability that is likely to affect your ability to complete assessment you are encouraged to also contact Disabilities Services to seek adjustments.

If you are a primary carer you may also apply for special consideration in exceptional circumstances if caring for that person has adversely affected your ability to prepare or perform your assessment.

For more information on the University’s special consideration policy please refer to (Coursework Policy 2014, section 14 & Assessment Procedures 2011, section 14).

How to apply

You can apply for special consideration through your faculty below:

Please note that special consideration will not be given in the following instances:

  • balancing workloads from other units of study, disciplines or faculties;
  • information and communications technology related problems, except where they could not have been prevented, avoided or the effects minimised by reasonable diligence by the student; or
  • jury service, military service, national sporting, religious or cultural commitments or other unforeseen events for which special arrangements may be provided in accordance with this policy. – Coursework Policy , Section 14