Changes for higher degree by research students

We have made some changes to the academic year for higher degree by research (HDR) students.

Few Australian universities continue to administer HDR candidature based on a teaching semester framework that supports coursework candidature. “Semesters” based on classes commencing on the first Monday in March or July have little meaning, academically or administratively, for research students.

At Sydney, we want to offer our research students genuine flexibility in managing their own candidature and improved access to academic supervisors.

So from July 2014, the HDR academic year will comprise four research periods instead of two semesters.

As a research student commencing your studies at Sydney you’ll have the opportunity to start your research candidature at a time that better suits you and allows you to make the most out of your research scholarship.

As a research student continuing your studies, you’ll have better access to your supervisory team and the ability to change, suspend or extend your candidature by a single research period, rather than an entire coursework semester. Importantly, the changes do not impact your earliest and latest thesis submission dates. If you do decide to suspend your studies for a research period, your earliest and latest dates will be adjusted according to the new calendar, adding the duration of the corresponding research period to your candidature.

If you have any questions about how the new Sydney HDR academic year affects you, please talk to your faculty.