Personal Timetables

All students in a centrally timetabled unit of study can obtain their personalised timetable by clicking the link personal timetable. An example timetable can be found here.

Your personal timetable may have footnotes listed at the bottom of the page. Please make sure you are aware of these and take action if required.

Students who are doing a unit that is not centrally timetabled will need to contact the relevant department to find out when they are required to attend classes.

How do I collect or change my timetable?

Students doing one or more centrally timetabled units of study are able to collect or change their timetable through personal timetable. When changing your timetable you can enter times you are available and the timetable system will generate a trial timetable for you that attempts to get these times off. If you like the trial timetable you can be allocated a similar timetable. Otherwise you are able to keep your existing one.

Students are also able to make changes in-person. More information about in-person timetable changes can be found at changing your timetable webpage.

Semester 2 timetables

Timetables become available during the first week of Semester 1 exams. Staff are available to assist with in-person timetable changes from Wednesday to Friday of the week prior to Semester 2 and Monday to Friday of week 1.

What do I do if I can’t see my timetable?

Please note that timetables can only be collected between the hours of 10am and 10pm. If timetables have been made available and you are still unable to view it between these times you will need to see a staff member during the above periods for assistance.

Finding that room

You can look up where particular rooms are by clicking venue details.

More Information

If you require further information, check out the Timetable Unit website or Ask Sydney.