Your student visa - international students

International students must hold a valid visa in order to study in Australia. Many students for this reason apply for a student visa.

  • If your student visa will expire soon but you need to extend your stay for your studies, you will need to apply for a new visa.
  • Attached to all student visas are student visa conditions. It is obligatory for student visa holders to comply with these conditions. Make sure you are aware of these conditions.
  • Student visa holders have certain restrictions on their enrolment. Make sure you are aware of how your enrolment changes may impact on your student visa.

You can also find more information regarding student visas on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection ’s (DIBP) website.

Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000

The ESOS Act sets out the legal framework governing delivery of education to overseas students studying in Australia on a student visa. For more information visit the ESOS Act webpage.

The National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007 was established under the ESOS Act 2000. For more information visit the ESOS National Code webpage.

Changing visa status

It is important to notify the University of Sydney of any change in your current visa status.

Temporary visa
If you have been granted a temporary visa other than a student visa, you will still remain an international student but your study entitlements may change.

You can request to change your visa status through Sydney Student.

Permanent residency
If you are a currently enrolled international student who has recently been granted Australian permanent residency, you can change your student status from international to domestic.

You can request to change your visa status through Sydney Student. You may need to provide additional documentation to the Student Centre. If you have any queries about this, please contact the HECS and Fees office. Email:

A status change from international to domestic can only be effective for a unit of study when documentation is presented prior to the census date for that unit of study. If documentation of permanent residency is presented after the census date for a unit of study, even if residency has been granted prior to the census date, international tuition fee rates will be charged for that unit of study. Domestic fee rates will only apply for subsequent semesters/sessions and units of study.