Costs and scholarships

How much money will I need?

While you are not required to pay host university tuition fees whilst on the International Exchange Program, you will be responsible for most other costs while you on exchange. We estimate that you will require between AUD$10,000 - AUD$12,000 for one semester to cover your living expenses and cost of air tickets, travel and health insurance.

Costs will vary depending on the exchange rate and cost of living in each country. More expensive destinations are the east and west coast of the USA, the United Kingdom and Japan which may cost AUD$12,000 -15,000 per semester. More affordable destinations include Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Additional health/medical insurance charges will normally apply for students accepted to study in Canada, France, Japan and the USA. In these destinations, you are normally required to purchase the health/medical insurance offered by your host institution as part of the enrolment process. This can cost between AUD$300 to AUD$1,000 depending on duration and destination. Most universities do not allow this insurance requirement to be waived. This medical insurance does not cover your travel to and from Australia so you will need to ensure you have costed appropriate travel insurance for this aspect of your journey.

Where you meet eligibility requirements, some of your exchange expenses may be offset by:

As scholarship and OS-HELP funding is limited, please do not rely on this as anticipated funding when planning your exchange as you may not be approved to receive this.

Cost of living

Most handbooks from our exchange partners list the average cost of living in their country and at their university. Reports from past students also include cost of living information. These reports are available in the Exchange Resource Library at Sydney Abroad. It might be helpful for you to check this information and use a currency converter to get an idea of what to expect.

Australian Government Mobility Grants

The Australian Government encourages Australian students to immerse themselves into social and academic cultures of other countries and provides opportunities for international students to study in and experience Australia. The Government also seeks to support Australian higher education providers in further developing and diversifying their linkages with partner institutions overseas.

Each year there is a funding round for institutions to apply for project funds to support their students undertaking short-term and semester-based study overseas. This funding comes either from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for the New Colombo Plan, or the Department of Education for the Endeavour Mobility Grants.

Application deadlines are open for select mobility projects throughout the year depending on when the mobility project is due to run. You can find out more about these grants and scholarships on the Australian Government Mobility Grants page.

Exchange Scholarships

The University offers a range of exchange travelling scholarships. Some are awarded by Sydney Abroad, and others are offered by faculties. It is rare that an exchange scholarship will cover the entire cost of your exchange. You are advised not to rely on scholarships as a source of exchange funding. Click here for the scholarship summary sheet.

Sydney Abroad International Exchange Scholarships

Sydney Abroad offers International Exchange Scholarships - up to 350 each year - valued at $1,000 each. These awards which are allocated on the basis of academic merit with students ranked by their AAM (Annual Average Mark).

Exchange applicants will automatically be considered for International Exchange Scholarships. However, students who receive guaranteed funding support for their overseas exchange period eg: students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts (Languages), and students enrolled in Masters or PhD research programs whilst on exchange are not eligible for these awards. Students may only receive one scholarship per exchange experience and are not eligible for a second scholarship if they extend their one semester exchange into a two semester exchange (back-to-back).

Selection for Sydney Abroad International Exchange Scholarships occurs during:

  • May/June for exchanges commencing in the second half of the year.
  • October/November for exchanges commencing in the first half of the following year.

Recipients of Sydney Abroad International Exchange Scholarships are expected to submit Exchange Evaluation Reports during their exchange semester/year and attend information sessions at the University of Sydney to promote the program.

Faculty and Departmental Exchange Scholarships

For more information about scholarships that may be offered by your faculty or other University departments, please contact the Faculty office or visit their websites below. Please note that separate eligibility criteria and application requirements apply for these scholarships.

Exchange Partner and Foreign Government Scholarships

Some exchange partners and foreign governments offer scholarships for visiting exchange students. Application forms for these scholarships are normally supplied (unless otherwise indicated) once the University of Sydney has nominated you to the host university. These are subject to change and may not be available every semester. Examples of some include:

  • Denmark - KĂžbenhavn Universitet – Crown Princess Mary Scholarship
  • China - Shanghai Normal University – Free accommodation and living allowance of RMB 800 per month (approximately $120 AUD).
  • France - Nicolas Baudin Grants – From the Embassy of France to encourage Australian students to study for a semester or a full academic year in France. Download 2015 application.
  • Germany - Albert-Ludwigs Universität, Freiburg – Baden-Württemberg Exchange Scholarship
  • Germany - Universität Konstanz – Baden-Württemberg Exchange Scholarship
  • Germany - Universität Mannheim – Baden-Württemberg Exchange Scholarship
  • Germany - Studies in Germany for Australians - DAAD German Academic Exchange Service funding and scholarships
  • Israel - Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Sir Zelman Cowen Universities Fund Student Fellowship
  • Japan - All Japanese Partners – JASSO Short-Term Student Exchange Promotion Program (Inbound) Scholarship.
  • South Korea - Korea University – Global KU Study Abroad Scholarships. A range of scholarships are available including an Admission Scholarships for KRW300,000 (aproximately $250 AUD) per month for the first semester (4 months).
  • Switzerland - Université de Genève. 5 x scholarships for CHF 800 per month for 4 months available for March 2013. No application is required - students will automatically be considered by Geneva's International Office and awarded to the students with the highest WAM.
  • UK - University of Exeter Student Exchange Scholarships. 2 scholarships are available for March 2013 each worth £500. No application is required - students will automatically be considered by the Exeter's International Office and awarded to the students with the highest WAM.
Cameron Hunter 1

Exchange student Cameron Hunter recieving a scholarship from Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

Cameron Hunter 2