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Welcome to the University of Sydney!

Time spent at university is one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences. Here, you’ll be able to challenge yourself academically, explore new interests, and make life-long friendships.

In my first year, I was a little overwhelmed by everything uni had to offer with attending lectures and tutes, finding my way around campus, making new friends and participating in co-curricular activities. This is why I decided to get involved in the University of Sydney Union (USU).

The core aim of the USU is to give every opportunity for students to enjoy their time outside of the classroom. The USU’s Clubs and Societies program is Australia’s largest, with more than 200 clubs and societies of wide-ranging interests. You can sign up to anything from the Captain Planet Appreciation Society to the Dramatic Society! The USU is also home to a Student Leadership Program where you can apply for positions like O-Week Director or Bull Magazine Editor. You can also take part in a busy entertainment program all year round, whether it’s weekly Theatre Sports in Manning Bar or Revues from different faculties. And if you like debating, the USU’s Debating program is world-class and produces some of the world’s best debaters.

The USU is student run and not-for-profit with over 12,000 members, where you can get an Access Card to sign up to USU activities and get discounts at food and drink outlets. However you decide to get involved, don’t be afraid to throw yourself into campus life to meet new people, discover new interests and most importantly, have fun at university!

Astha Rajvanshi
President, University of Sydney Union
Arts (Media and Communications) III

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