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If you’re considering your ideal career path, or a career change, our Careers Centre can help you explore your interests and options. We’ll help you polish up your resume, refine your interview skills, connect with industry and meet potential future employers.

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Gaining a career edge – our students

Andrew's story

Photo of Andrew McDonald

When Andrew McDonald applied for his job as an international beef trader with Nippon Meat Packers, the job description ticked every box of what he did at university and liked best.

Andrew studied for a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics between 1998 and 2001. He was interested in economics, and international business but also had an interest in dealing with “tangible goods and the country side of things”.

He enjoyed the professional placements during his studies. “I worked in a winery, dairy and macadamia farm, as well as touring the Murray River Basin. You learn a lot and get hands-on experience.”

Andrew believes agricultural economics gave him a major career advantage. “There are probably 10,000 students graduating with a business degree each year in New South Wales, whereas only 50 or 60 come out with an agricultural economics degree. You automatically differentiate yourself, which is a good thing.”
Andrew McDonald
Bachelor of Agricultural Economics, International Beef Trader, Nippon Meat Packers

Terry's story

Photo of Terry Miu

To combine her long-standing love for mathematics with her curiosity for the world of finance, Terry Miu enrolled in a Bachelor of Science with a major in financial mathematics.

In her second year, Terry decided to pursue corporate finance, so she applied for an internship and was invited to interview at Morgan Stanley. After winning an internship, Terry realised that a finance degree was not the only pathway to a job in corporate finance. Employers were also looking for well-rounded candidates with different skillsets who demonstrated a real interest in finance.

At the end of her internship, Terry was offered a full-time position and has been an investment banking analyst ever since. She credits the skills she forged during her degree as indispensable to her current success, especially those in logical thinking, research, quantitative analysis, writing and presentation.

“For me, university was about doing something I was interested in, not restricting myself to a particular career path.”
Terry Miu
Science Graduate and Investment Banking Analyst at Morgan Stanley