International leaders Program

The International Leaders Program offers a suite of highly focused and customised training and engagement opportunities for emerging and senior leaders from government, industry and academia.

Targeted at leaders from all corners of the globe, the program taps into the expertise and experience of University of Sydney academics and our partners.


The strategic ambitions of the International Leaders Program, achieved through leadership development, learning and exchange activities, are to bring together experts across a range of disciplines to investigate and solve complex regional and global challenges and build international partnerships for mutual benefit.

The International Leaders Program provides an opportunity to engage in focused capacity development, and offers training opportunities that foster valuable relationships with a network of strategically aligned partners.

Our focus

1. Regional: The International Leaders Program hosts training and engagement opportunities for emerging and senior leaders from across the globe. Over the past ten year RIAP and the International Leaders program have hosted training programs for groups from 15 countries.

2. Discipline: The International Leaders Program works across all faculties of the University to provide multi-disciplinary training programs. In response to clients needs, programs are developed to tap into the expertise offered either in a focused aspect of a discipline, or developed using a multi-disciplinary approach as many of today’s challenges require.

3. Sector: The International Leaders Program develops program to help the next generation of leaders achieve their potential. The program is customised to suit a range of client groups from all levels of government, industry and academic institutions and it offers a flexible approach to skill development and capacity building depending on the client. Each client brings a unique perspective and courses take place in an open, creative and constructive environment, drawing from the expertise and insights of both academics and participants

Track record:

  • Over 2,500 Chinese vice presidents, vice ministers, and provincial government officials
  • More than 20 programs undertaken in 2011
  • Over 200 programs in the last ten years
  • 90% of all participants rated the program content above average
  • Testimonials
  • Repeat customers
  • Our international partners include multilateral and bilateral agencies, governments, peer universities and industry
  • In 2010-2011, over 500 participants from 12 countries took part in 26 programs

Examples of clients and partners

Region Project Course Description Description
Korea Next Generation Leaders Program Sustainable Water Management Ten selected emerging leaders from around Australia visiting Korean counterparts for information exchange and potential collaborations in the area of water management and sustainability.
China Ministry of Land and Resource Environmental Protection in Mining The program, delivered to government officials from the Ministry of Land and Resources China, focused on policy development and regulation relating to land management. This included issues regarding biodiversity, resource allocation and pollution, environmental planning and assesment and land rehabilitation. The program focused primarily on the impact of mining on the environment.
China Ministry of Health National Essential Drug Policy, Administration and Practices The program showcased Australian health policy regarding the funding and approval of pharmaceuticals in hospitals and the community.

Contact us

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Manager, International Leaders Program
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