Welcome from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor

The University of Sydney has a long history of nurturing research and innovation. Our research spans all areas of human endeavour and its successes are the result of the unflagging curiosity and energy of our researchers and students. It benefits from the many support structures we have in place and will continue to strengthen and provide. Our ongoing planning efforts aim to bolster our research strengths and create fertile ground for innovation. By creating the space for free intellectual inquiry, the University fosters strong core disciplines as the essential foundation for our work.

There are many motivations driving the research undertaken at The University of Sydney. When suggesting that we adopt truth as the University's core value for research, our Vice Chancellor noted the fraught nature of the notion of such an absolute, and yet gave it priority above others. The drive to seek this truth is engendered in all of us by our daily interactions with the natural and social world. Advances in the medical sciences, the evolution of technological capabilities and studies of human beings in time all manifest this fundamental motivation.

Strength within individual disciplines is vital for our university to flourish because it creates a firm foundation on which inquiry is built. When the disciplines partner or even converge to address complex, real world problems, such as climate change or the effects of globalization on the free movement of capital, we not only push forward on the frontiers of knowledge, we incubate new disciplines.

Research at The University of Sydney is dynamic and always evolving; inspiring the active mind and providing new tools and ways of thinking that lead to innovation.

Duncan Ivison
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)