Research centres

How we support multidisciplinary, collaborative research

Our research is driven by the big picture. We take a problem and look at it from all angles, combining the expertise and talents of scholars from multiple disciplines. Sydney is home to several interdisciplinary research centres and programs.

Through the Sydney Research Networks Scheme (SyReNS) we provide funding and support to develop large and productive collaborations that enable high quality multi-disciplinary research.

Interdisciplinary research centres

  • Charles Perkins Centre


    This University-wide academic program brings together researchers exploring the causes and effects of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and strategies to tackle them.

  • China Studies Centre

    Chinese flag

    The China Studies Centre works to meet the need for greater understanding of China and its impact on Australia in the face of increasing interdependence and strategic global change.

  • Brain and Mind Research Institute


    The BMRI brings together patients, support groups and front-line carers with scientists and clinicians working in neurosciences and brain research.

  • Sydney Environment Institute

    Sulfur-crested cockatoos flying in a blue sky

    The Sydney Environment Institute draws research from a wide range of social science and humanities disciplines in order to explore how we identify, live, and adapt in a changing environmental landscape.

  • Sydney Southeast Asia Centre

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    The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre brings together academics, teachers and researchers from more than a dozen faculties. It aims to forge an innovative and engaged approach to the region that reflects its rich diversity and challenging problems.

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Centres of Excellence

The University of Sydney is home to three ARC Centres of Excellence and plays a fundamental role in nine national ARC Centres of Excellence.

We also host a number of NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence.