University of Sydney Health and Medical Research Strategic Review

The University commissioned a Health and Medical Research Strategic Review (HMR Review) in mid-2012 to ensure that the University was well-placed to advance our interests and continue to hold our strong position in health and medical research.

The members of the review’s advisory committee oversaw extensive consultation before presenting their final report and recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor in June 2013.

The report recommended how the University might make the most of its very considerable strengths in health and medical research so that researchers and students in those disciplines continue to rank among the world’s best, and so that we can increase the impact of their work in the communities we serve.

It also explained why we need to act if we are to be optimally placed to respond to major government changes to health and medical research funding and priorities.

The review followed the major reviews commissioned by state and federal governments. It was led by Peter Wills AC, who chaired the NSW Government's health and medical research review in 2011/­12. Find out more about Peter Wills and other members of the committee.

Review reporting and outcomes


These appendices are in addition to the appendices A–E contained in the Health and Medical Research Strategy Review final report.