Terms of reference

The Health and Medical Research Strategic Review will focus on how the University can optimize the comprehensive resources of its health and medical research entities over the next 10 years.

The Review will:

  1. Maximize the impact of research and education in response to the NSW State and Federal Reviews of Health and Medical Research.
  2. Prepare the University for its application to the forthcoming NHMRC’s Integrated Health Research Centre's initiative.
  3. Develop an organizational framework for all of the University’s affiliated entities including medical research institutes, hospitals, primary health &rural health networks and the internal health related divisions.
  4. Assess the effectiveness of the current governance framework and affiliation agreements across all health and medical research entities.
  5. Make recommendations on how the University could create mechanisms to enhance research collaboration at all levels.
In addressing its Terms of Reference the Review will also give consideration to:
  • Benchmarking the University’s current health and medical research performance data against other Australian Universities and relevant international comparisons.
  • In response to the NSW Health and Medical Research Strategic Review, how the University will assist in developing planning for the University affiliated Research Hubs, with the aim to foster translation, innovation and build research capacity.
  • How to structure more efficient, coordinated and productive outcomes from within the University’s health and medical research entities.
  • Examine the present and potential links to industry in developing and commercialising health and medical research discoveries.
  • Develop a structure to actively recruit, develop and retain high quality research staff and students.
  • Develop an implementation plan to action the Review recommendations.