2012 Change Plan


In line with the University's 22 March 2012 agreement with Fair Work Australia (FWA), an updated Final Change Plan was published on 4 May. This document outlines the outcomes of the most recent consultations as agreed under the FWA Terms of Settlement (see below for more details), provides details of the actions which are now proposed and includes the final implementation plan.

A report on the consultation process required through the FWA agreement is at Appendix 2 of the updated Final Change Plan.

More about the FWA hearing

Following the consultation on the draft implementation plan released as part of the Final Change Plan on 17 February 2012, the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) notified Fair Work Australia of a dispute about the change process. The hearing commenced on Friday 16 March and resumed on Thursday 22 March.

At the hearing on 22 March there was an agreed resolution of the dispute and the change process is proceeding in line with the agreed terms.

The University agreed with the NTEU to further consultation as part of the change implementation process by taking a number of steps, which are set out in the Terms of Settlement If you have trouble accessing this document, please email university.communications@sydney.edu.au for assistance (PDF, 520KB).

In particular there would be an additional step in the process to allow for consultation with staff whose positions are directly affected, and with other staff in the local workgroups of directly affected staff. This would provide an added opportunity for any colleagues who might have concerns about the implications of potential redundancies and teaching-focused roles on their own work.

This consultation process concluded on 27 April, as agreed in the Terms of Settlement. Meetings were held with impacted workgroups, but staff from those groups were also able to make individual submissions or request individual meetings with their dean or head of school.

In line with the Terms of Settlement, the University will notify final decisions to affected staff members on 7 May 2012.

Timetable for 2012 Change Plan following Fair Work Australia hearing

Date (2012) Details
23 March University notifies staff who have accepted voluntary redundancy that they may withdraw their acceptance if they wish to do so. Notification must be provided by 30 March.
30 March Staff currently under consideration for redundancy or transfer to a teaching-focused role informed whether their position remains under consideration.
Deadline for staff who have accepted voluntary redundancy to withdraw their acceptance if they wish to do so.
2 April Start of additional consultation period with staff whose positions are under consideration for redundancy or transfer to a teaching-focused role, and with other staff who work closely with directly affected staff and whose work may be impacted by the proposed changes.
27 April End of additional consultation period.
30 April Deans report to the Provost on the consultation; key issues of the consultation analysed and considered by management.
4 May Publication of new appendix inserted into final implementation plan.
7 May Final decisions communicated to staff whose positions have been under consideration for redundancy, or a move to a teaching-focused position. In the case of redundancies, formal notice period begins.
Four-week ‘consideration period’ begins for affected staff during which time they can decide whether to accept voluntary redundancy, seek redeployment or seek a review of the decision to make their position redundant.
4 June Four-week ‘consideration period’ ends. Redeployment period begins.
30 July Anticipated conclusion of change process for academic staff.
Ongoing Where faculties, portfolios and professional service units plan changes that will affect general/professional staff, draft change management proposals will be released for consultation, as required under the Enterprise Agreement.

Workplace discussions and other change initiatives

During the consultation on the Draft Change Proposal, some staff sought clarification regarding the status of recent discussions they have had with their supervisors about their employment. The following clarification was published on this website on 20 January 2012.

While no final decisions have been made in relation to the changes outlined in the Draft Change Proposal, this does not mean that staff who wish to have discussions with their supervisors regarding their individual situations are unable to do so. As is always the case, discussions may take place at the local level regarding voluntary redundancy and changes to working arrangements, so long as the discussions and any arrangements that are entered into are voluntary and consistent with the Enterprise Agreement.

This proposal for a University-wide change process does not affect any other change proposals that are developed at the local level, and these should proceed separately in line with the requirements of the Enterprise Agreement.

Further information and assistance

Staff with queries or concerns are welcome to speak to their faculty dean, head of school, professional services unit director or HR adviser.

If you have any other general questions about the overall Formal Change Proposal, please email .

The University also has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides free-of-charge confidential advice and support to all staff. To speak to the EAP, please call 1300 361 008. All calls to the EAP are confidential, and the University does not receive any reports about who has contacted the service.