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  • Photo of Associate Professor Jaime Gongora and Dr Sally Isberg.

    Croc evolution

    Groundbreaking research reveals Australian saltwater crocodiles evolved four times slower than birds.

  • Photo of Executive MBA cohort

    Executive MBA

    Graduation ceremony sees 17 students receive one of academia's most prestigious degrees.

  • Photo of Hanif Khan.

    Food for thought

    Endeavour Research Fellow Hanif Khan will use the knowledge learnt from his research in rural NSW to fight one of India's biggest food threats.

  • Photo:

    Bird life

    Most modern birds diversified after dinosaurs became extinct, the most ambitious genetic study ever undertaken on bird evolution has found.

  • Photo of Professor Roger Magnusson.

    Ending Childhood Obesity

    Health law expert joins WHO childhood obesity taskforce.

  • Photo of fruit and tape measure.

    Obesity leads

    Research finds corporate profits, diet in infancy and climate change could cause obesity.


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