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  • Photo: Sydney China Business Forum

    Knowledge bank

    Why the finance sector needs to sell ideas, not just products, to China’s vast domestic market.

  • Photo of Indigenous dancer

    Future vision

    New partnership to promote a better understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

  • Photo of girls

    Puberty blues?

    A world-first study is unravelling the effects of hormones on teenagers.

  • Photo of fireball

    Great ball of fire

    Astronomers take the first ever images of exploding fireball from a nova star.

  • Photo of musician

    Stairway to hell

    Life and death in the pop music industry.

  • Photo of students

    Scholarship fund

    One-third of the University’s domestic undergraduate students could receive scholarships under deregulation.

  • Photo of Ebola virus

    Stopping the outbreak

    Professor Lyn Gilbert has been appointed by the government to advise hospitals on how to prevent and control the deadly Ebola virus.


A researcher looking through a microscope

Research here

Join the Sydney community as a researcher. We'll help you excel in your field, develop skills in leadership and management, and explore cross-disciplinary opportunities. Get involved with research at Sydney.

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Postgraduate students at Sydney

Sydney Abroad

Complete a semester or a year of your degree at the University of Sydney – either as a study abroad student or as an exchange student.


Kinship module image map of Australia

Kinship website live

University launches new online learning module to enhance cultural competence.