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  • Photo of school students.

    On course

    How we're building bridges to higher education.

  • Photo of soldiers.

    Army reserved

    Why women aren't joining the defence forces.

  • Photo of road map.

    Urban road map

    Generous $5m gift to expand funding for research on affordable housing, urban congestion and public transport.

  • Illustration of hippobampus in brain.

    Early intervention

    New research highlights need to effectively treat first episodes of depression in young people.

  • Photo of passport.

    Valid entry

    As Australian citizens, the family of Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf have the right to return home, writes Professor Helen Irving.

  • Photo of Ralph Prescott. Photo courtesy Ralph Prescott, copyright Dying to Talk project, University of Sydney

    Dying to Talk

    How we're helping Australians with intellectual disability understand death.


A researcher looking through a microscope

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Join the Sydney community as a researcher. We'll help you excel in your field, develop skills in leadership and management, and explore cross-disciplinary opportunities. Get involved with research at Sydney.

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Ensure you have everything you need before completing your enrolment online from 22 June 2015.


Photo of Professor Shane Houston and Professor Juanita Sherwood.

Academic opportunities

Express your interest in the Wingara Mura Academy's early career research fellowships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander level A academics.