Academic Standards and Policy Committee


Ex Officio Members

the Chair of the Committee:

Associate Professor Daniela Traini

the Chair of the Academic Board, or nominee:

Associate Professor Peter McCallum

the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), or nominee: 

Professor Pip Pattison 

the Director, Teaching and Learning, or nominee: 

Professor Keith Trigwell (nominee)

the President of the Students' Representative Council,
or nominee:

Mr Kyol Blakeney

the President of  the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association, or nominee:

Mr Thomas Greenwell (nominee)

Appointed Members

The Academic Board shall appoint one member from each faculty and at least one undergraduate student member and one postgraduate student member, nominated by members of the Board:

Faculty Name
Agriculture and Environment Associate Professor Thomas Bishop
Architecture, Design and Planning Dr Rob Saunders
Arts and Social Sciences Associate Professor Jennifer Barrett
Business School Ms Pearl Rozenberg
Dentistry Vacant
Education and Social Work Dr Rachel Wilson
Engineering and Information Technologies  Associate Professor Peter Gibbens
Health Sciences Associate Professor Sarah Lewis
Law Professor Greg Tolhurst
Medicine Dr Peter Knight
Nursing and Midwifery Vacant
Pharmacy Dr Ingrid Gelissen
Science Dr Caleb Owens
Sydney College of the Arts Mr Andrew Lavery
Sydney Conservatorium of Music Vacant
Veterinary Science Vacant
Student representatives

Vacant (Postgraduate)

Ms Emily May (Undergraduate)

Deputy Chair

The Committee may appoint one member, on the nomination of the Chair of the Committee, to act as Deputy Chair:

Associate Professor Jennifer Barrett

On the recommendation of the Committee, the Academic Board may co-opt additional members. Co-opted members may be selected from the University community or be external to the University of Sydney and may express interest directly to the Chair of the Committee, but must have an interest and/or experience in issues considered by the Committee. The term of office of members co-opted by the Committee shall be specified at the time of co-option and such members shall have all rights and privileges of other members:

Name Faculty
Dr Robyn Gibson

Faculty of Education and Social Work 

Ms Kerrie Henderson

Office of General Counsel

Associate Professor Catherine Sutton-Brady

University of Sydney Business School