Academic Board Reviews Phase 3

The focus of the Phase Three reviews will be on the faculty culture which supports, and the processes that lead to, continuous quality improvement in academic activities. This focus is chosen to ensure both that the Academic Board reviews are complementary to the other performance management activities in which faculties are now engaged and that they support faculty activities pursuing academic quality.

The focus on quality assurance is primarily directed to an assessment of process: how your faculty systematically integrates planning, action and review to achieve performance outcomes and stated objectives.

The Faculty’s Self Evaluation Report (SER) is the core of the review. The purpose is to clearly describe the activities and processes of the faculty to enable the:

  • Faculty to draw their own conclusions on the quality of their processes as they support the faculty’s strategic objectives
  • Review Team to assess the robustness and validity of the faculty’s judgements.

The Phase 3 guidelines are based on the 2007 Baldrige National Quality Program Education Criteria for Performance Excellence.

  • Academic Board Phase Three Reviews: Guidelines for Self-Evaluation Report – Overview
  • Academic Board Phase Three Reviews: Guidelines for Self-Evaluation Report – Detailed guidelines

Timetable for Academic Board Phase 3 Reviews

Faculty Self Evaluation Report Commencement Date Date of Review Reports and Recommendations   Progress Report
Engineering and Information Technologies Completed September 2007 Final Report Progress Report
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Completed September 2007  Final Report Progress Report
Science Completed  November 2007  Final Report Progress Report
Economics and Business  Completed  March 2008  Final Report

Progress Report

Medicine Completed  May 2008  Final Report Progress Report 
Pharmacy Completed  August 2008  Final Report Progress Report
Sydney College of the Arts Completed October 2008  Final Report  
Arts Completed November 2008  Final Report   
Education and Social Work  Completed March 2009  Final Report  
Health Sciences Completed June 2009  Final Report Progress Report
Nursing and Midwifery  Completed August 2009  Final Report Progress Report
Architecture, Design and Planning Completed September 2009  Final Report  
Law Completed November 2009 Final Report  
Veterinary Science  Completed August 2010 Final Report  
Sydney Conservatorium of Music  Completed August 2010  Final Report  
Dentistry  Completed October 2010  Final Report  
Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL)  Review not undertaken