Academic Board Forums

From time to time the Academic Board has conducted a number of Forums to discuss topics of academic interest and import.

Forums are open to all members of the University community and are held in the Professorial Board Room in the Quadrangle. Forum topics have included:

Academic Board Forum:  17 November 2006

PhD Examinations


1.  'Completions and examinations at the University of Sydney' - presentation by Masud Behnia (15 mins)

2.  'What we know and love about Australian PhD examination' - presentation by Professor Sid Bourke, University of Newcastle (25 mins)

3.  'So why might we want to change the Australian examination process' - presentation by Dr Margaret Kiley, Australian National University (15 mins)

4.  Panel discussion and Q&A - Chaired by Professor Jillian Kril, Chair PhD Awards Sub-Committee (35 mins)


Contact the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies for further information.

Time 12:00 - 2:00 pm

Academic Board Forum: 14 June 2006

Restructuring: What's in it for US(yd)?


Associate Professor Ahmadi-Esfahani

Professor Ramzan

Ms J Leong



Professor Iqbal Ramzan (Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy)

Associate Professor Fredoun Ahmadi-Esfahani (Faculty of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources)

Ms Jenny Leong (President, SUPRA)

Facilitator Professor Bruce Sutton, Chair of the Academic Board
Time 1:00 - 3:00 pm