What's New

Academic Board 3 December 2014

Course Proposals
The Academic Board approved proposals to introduce, delete or amend the following courses:

  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies: the amendment of the Bachelor of Engineering Honours, Bachelor of Engineering and associated combined degrees to reduce the number of streams from 18 down to 8, and creating a structure that allows for the current specialisations to be taken as majors; and
  • Faculty of Law: the deletion of the Master of Asia Pacific Legal Systems.

Reports from Faculties:
The Academic Board approved the following proposals:

  • Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning: the amendment of the Bachelor of Design in Architecture, the Bachelor of Design in Computing and the Master of Architecture;
  • Faculty of Education and Social Work: the continued offering of the Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies, the Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Languages Education, the Graduate Diploma in Learning Sciences and Technology, the Graduate Diploma in Policy Studies and the Graduate Diploma in Social Work with their existing volumes of learning; the amendment of the Master of Teaching to introduce the specialisation of Health and Physical Education;
  • Faculty of Law: the amendment of the Faculty Resolutions;
  • Faculty of Pharmacy: the amendment of the Bachelor of Pharmacy;
  • Sydney College of the Arts: the amendment of the Faculty Resolutions; and
  • Faculty of Veterinary Science: the amendment of the Master of Veterinary Public Health, the Master of Veterinary Public Health Management and the 2015 Advance Standing Reference Guide.

The Academic Board approved:

  • the introduction of the Coursework Policy 2014; and
  • the recission of the Admission: Advanced Standing, Credit and Exemption Policy; the Admission to Undergraduate Courses Policy; the Assessment Policy 2011; the Awards with Honours Policy; the Postgraduate English Language Requirements Policy; and the Student Academic Progression Policy.

Other Matters
The Academic Board also:

  • noted the presentation from the Manager, International Strategy & Innovation on the International Student Barometer;
  • noted the report on the 2014 Academic Board elections for student members;
  • approved the nomination of a member to fill a casual vacancy on the Undergraduate Studies Committee;
  • authorised its Chair to act on its behalf in respect of any urgent matters that may arise between the Board meeting on 3 December 2014 and the first Academic Board meeting in 2015 on 11 February;
  • authorised the Deputy Chair, Associate Professor Tony Masters, to act as Chair during the absence of Associate Professor Peter McCallum on annual leave from 8 to 19 December 2014;
  • noted the report on the 2014 National Meeting of Chairs of Academic Boards and Senates;
  • noted the report on the awarding of the 2014 Wentworth Medal;
  • noted the list of courses amended, deleted or approved with existing (but less than normal) volumes of learning;
  • reconfirmed its previous decisions with respect to amended courses and those retaining existing (but less than normal) volumes of learning that these courses are AQF compliant;
  • reconfirmed that all AQF qualifications that will be admitting students in 2015 (as listed in the Senate resolutions outlining the degrees, diplomas and certificates offered by each faculty) are compliant with the AQF;
  • noted the report of the Vice-Chancellor on presentations to Senate regarding women’s leadership, research and ranking strategy and the University’s response to fee deregulation; and updates on the Federal Government’s education legislation, the Alumni Council, the University’s policies and procedures for dealing with allegations of sexual harassment, the 2016-2021 strategic plan and recent media reports on allegations of student academic dishonesty;
  • recommended that Senate approve the amendments to the Senate Resolutions relating to the Constitution of the Faculty of Health Sciences;
  • accepted the concordance estimates for qualifications used to provide evidence of English language proficiency and amend the English Language Skills Tests conversion table accordingly;
  • noted the statement from the Faculty of Health Sciences regarding the suspension of the Master of Health Science (Medical Radiation Sciences), Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Medical Radiation Sciences) and Graduate Certificate in Health Science (Medical Radiation Sciences) pending the future deletion of these courses;
  • adopted the method for allocating Higher Degree by Research (HDR) scholarships developed by the SEG Implementation Working Party and rescinded the Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA) and University of Sydney Postgraduate Awards (UPA) Ranking Guidelines;
  • approved the revised course management template;
  • noted the proposal from the Academic Standards and Policy Committee to review a range of curriculum-related policies;
  • endorsed the adoption of the draft Open Access to University Research Policy; and
  • noted the report on the promotion of academic staff to Level D in 2014.