What's New

Academic Board 11 February 2015

Course Proposals
The Academic Board approved proposals to introduce, delete or amend the following courses:

  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies: the introduction of the Bachelor of Project Management/Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Engineering Honours/Bachelor of Music Studies; and
  • Faculty of Health Sciences: the introduction of the Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology) (Honours).

Reports from Faculties:
There were not faculty reports on the agenda for this meeting.

No policy proposals were approved at this meeting.

Other Matters
The Academic Board also:

  • noted the presentation from the Vice-Principal (Operations) on the Women’s Career and Leadership Strategy;
  • approved nominations to membership of the Academic Board’s standing committees for 2015;
  • approved the rescission of the Higher Degrees Theses Policy;
  • noted the report on urgent actions taken by the Chair of the Academic Board since the Board’s last meeting in 2014;
  • noted the creation of a section on the Academic Board website relating to admissions standards;
  • noted the Chair’s report on the 2015 overview of Academic Board activities;
  • noted the reports on education and research policy updates;
  • noted the report of the Vice-Chancellor on the development of the Strategic Plan 2016-2020 and the recent announcement of changes to the University’s investment strategy;
  • noted the Admission Committee’s discussion regarding the Diploma of Tertiary Preparation and the possible amendment of Section 12 of the Coursework Policy 2014 and authorised the Chair to flag this with the Centre for Continuing Education;
  • approved in principle the trial in 2016 of a guaranteed merit-based offer scheme to the University of Sydney for school duxes, subject to confirmation that no changes to policy are required;
  • discussed, but held over, some minor amendments to the Coursework Policy 2014;
  • noted the Academic Standards and Policy Committee’s discussion of proposed amendments to the University of Sydney (Academic Governance) Rule 2003 (as amended);
  • noted the report on the promotion of academic staff to Level E in 2014; and
  • approved the 2015 Student Proctorial Panel membership.