Our vision

The Business School currently teaches in more than 20 buildings of varying standards scattered across the Camperdown and Darlington campuses.

By consolidating the faculty into the Abercrombie Precinct we will increase the Business School's ability to attract the best and brightest students, staff and researchers from around the world in a competitive global market for business education.

The University’s key objectives for this project include:

  • developing a world-class business school
  • providing a high-quality experience for staff and students
  • facilitating the use and further development of collaborative learning techniques
  • providing a sustainable environment for energy efficiency, water efficiency and environmental quality.

A new approach

Our new design concept promotes the retention of local historic character, including the preservation and integration of the old joinery workshop, sandstone curbing and the referencing of historic materials.

Central to our design is the retention and celebration of the Sydney Blue Gum tree, increased size of the pocket park and a friendly Codrington Street interface.

With the new concept, we are:

  • reducing the height and scale of the building
  • increasing boundary setbacks
  • reducing the extent of overshadowing
  • creating a safe pedestrian pathway, providing an alternative access route for children walking to Darlington Public School
  • retaining major trees on the Darlington Public School boundary.

A component of the vision for the Business School is to create a vibrant living environment that is innovative, integrative, warm and magnetic. It is our intention to create a precinct that accurately represents this vision.