Frequently asked questions

We are working to create a sustainable environment that contributes to the revitalisation of the Darlington and Redfern neighbourhoods while respecting the existing fabric of the local community.

How can I stay informed about the project?

All progress on-site can be followed on the dedicated Abercrombie Precinct website under the tab project updates.

A monthly drop-in session will also be open to the public on the first Thursday of every month during 2013. You are invited to stop by and meet the project team in the foyer of the University’s Services Building located at 22 Codrington Street, Darlington. The next session is scheduled for: Thursday 5 December, 6 to 7pm.

Community drop-in sessions will continue on a quarterly basis in 2014.

Additionally the appointed building contractor, John Holland, distributes a community newsletter to the local community every three months. All construction-related notifications will be made directly to affected residents well in advance of any significant works.

When are the site construction hours?

Construction on-site is regulated by the project approval. Approved hours are from Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm, and on Saturdays between 8am and 3pm. No construction will take place on Sundays or public holidays.

How will parking be impacted in the area?

Rose Street and Boundary Lane are now permanently closed. These roads have become part of the footprint of the site. To locate alternative carparking, please consult the University maps.

All personnel and contractors working on-site are encouraged to take public transportation to the site.

How is noise and dust being managed?

The contractor has developed a comprehensive plan to manage noise and dust levels that result from construction activity. Vibration monitoring equipment has been installed and the site will be watered frequently throughout the construction phase, especially during the bulk excavation phase.

The contractor has an obligation to abide by the Construction Environmental Control Plan (CEMP) as well as additional sub-plan requirements to ensure adherence to all relevant regulations.

Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns?

If you have any queries regarding about the construction phase of the project, please contact the dedicated community information line.

Community Information Line
T 1800 855 262

If you would like to know more about the project or plans for the site please contact the University.

The University of Sydney
T 1300 226 787

How quickly will I get a response to an enquiry?

You can expect to have acknowledgment of your query within two hours on the 24-hour community information line 1800 855 262.

Any queries that can’t be immediately resolved will be handled by the site manager.