Project updates

Project Update July 2014

Business School Update


Aerial Photo June 2014 (courtesy John Holland)

The first construction programme structural milestone was reached in June 2014, with the uppermost floor of the Business School at the western end of the site being “topped off”.

After topping off and the stripping of support formwork, numerous activities can now commence, including the installation of building services such as mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulics systems. This work is not immediately visible to the surrounding community and is currently under way in the basement and lower levels of the building, progressing upwards floor by floor.

Behind the scaffolding and red shade cloth, the façade enclosure framing installation is also underway, into which the windows and terracotta cladding will be fitted. Following that, the multi-coloured terracotta baguettes will be installed, that have been designed to reflect the texture and cultural memory of the historical use of sandstone within the University Campus.

The rest of the building is now starting to rise out of the ground in the centre of the site and around the central feature of the Sydney Blue Gum.


Artist’s impression north west corner


Artist’s impression south east corner

Student Accommodation


Artist’s impression student accommodation

The former Shepherd Centre and Boundary Lane Children’s Centre in Abercrombie Street have now been demolished and these organisations relocated to their new premises in Burren Street, Newtown.

This has allowed construction of the Abercrombie Student Accommodation building to commence, with all site establishment activities now complete, including the erection of a third tower crane. Hoardings have been erected on Abercrombie Street, with excavation, piling and civil works well advanced.

Authority Approvals

In March 2014 the Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E), through the Planning Assessment Commission, approved the Section 75W Modification Application (MOD3) for amendments to the already approved Abercrombie Student Accommodation Building. These changes included improvements to the façade to better integrate with the Victorian terrace houses opposite; minor modifications to the internal configuration, the provision of 12 extra beds; and small alterations to the layout of the basement. Further conditions imposed included:

  • the operational plan for the management of the Student Accommodation facility to be published on the University’s website. (The University will be able to do this when the operator of the facility has been appointed)
  • provide 50 bicycle parking spaces at Class 2 standard;
  • basement access lift opening to face away from Mandelbaum House; and
  • landscaping plans to be submitted to the Director-General for approval instead of the Council.

John Holland has also submitted a further Section 75W Modification application to the DP&E to enable the construction hours on the site to extend to 12 midnight Monday to Friday and to 10pm on Saturdays. All construction work during these extended hours will be restricted to internal trades only. The Department is currently assessing this application.

An application to the City of Sydney from the University of Sydney for the operation of the Café located in the Business School is currently being assessed.

The Cranes

Three cranes are now in place on site to lift materials for the construction of both the Business School and Student Accommodation.

The children from the Darlington Public School were invited to name the cranes in a competition held by John Holland. The winning entry named the cranes after the famous Alexandre Dumas heroes of the novel “The Three Musketeers”.

Tower Crane 1 located in the north western corner of the business school site is “Porthos”.
Tower Crane 2 located in the south eastern corner of the business school site is “Aramis”
Tower Crane 3 located in the Student Accommodation site is “Athos”.

Community Information

Both the University and John Holland are committed to meeting with community members who are interested in the project. Should you wish to arrange a meeting please email

For information regarding construction matters please contact the Community Information Line on 1800 855 262 or email

Project update: Abercrombie student accomodation awarded to John Holland

March 2014
The Abercrombie Student Accommodation project was awarded to John Holland in late December 2013. Work is anticipated to commence in March 2014 following the relocation of the Boundary Lane Children’s Centre to their new purpose built premises, also at Burren Street, Newtown.

The student accommodation project will provide 200 studio-style beds on site.


Site progress March 2014

Business School site progress

Construction on the Business School is rapidly moving ahead with excavation and shoring works well advanced, with concrete slabs, foundation piles and lift shaft construction underway in the western zone of the site.

Installation of in-ground services (pipework and conduits) is progressing towards the middle of the site.

The first of two electric tower cranes (TC1) arrived on site in 2013 and is located in the corner adjacent to Darlington Lane. TC1 became operational in January 2014 and is currently unloading formwork and reinforcement from delivery trucks on Darlington Lane.

The second tower crane (TC2) is located in the south-eastern corner of the site and is became operational in February 2014.

Traffic Management and Work Zones

Traffic Management is in place at the Codrington Street entrance to the site and in Darlington Lane to direct vehicle access and to ensure the safety of other motorists and pedestrians whilst works are in progress.

Work zones have also been established along Codrington Street. One Work Zone has been established adjacent to the building site on the western side of Codrington Street, and the other is located adjacent to the Sydney University Sports and Aquatic Centre on the eastern side of Codrington Street.

The Work Zones will be in operation during the following construction hours as designated in the Project Approval:

  • Monday to Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm
  • Saturday 8:00am to 3:00pm

Community consultation

The University of Sydney and John Holland team hosted community drop-in information sessions in November and December 2013.

The community drop-in sessions will continue to be held in 2014 and will now occur on a quarterly basis with the first event scheduled to take place on the 6th March 2014 from 6.00 to 7.00 pm in the foyer of the Services Building, 22 Codrington Street, Darlington.

An update meeting was also held with the members of the Residents Acting In Defence of Darlington (RAIDD) on the 16th December, 2013

Relocation of The Shepherd Centre

The Shepherd Centre relocated to its new premises in Burren Street, Newtown in December, 2013. John Holland and the University of Sydney supported the Shepherd Centre’s final graduation ceremony at the Abercrombie Street site by providing a jumping castle and catering for the children.

Authority Approvals

Business School

John Holland submitted its “Response to Submissions Report” to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DP&I) in relation to the Section 75W Modification application for proposed alterations to the design of the Business School, as per the conditions set out in the Planning Approval.
DP&I have approved the S75W modification for minor changes and improvements.

Student Accommodation

The University of Sydney submitted its “Response to Submissions Report” to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DP&I) in relation to the Section 75W Modification application for proposed alterations to the design of the Student Accommodation. The modification seeks to make several amendments to the approved Abercrombie Student Accommodation Building including changes to the facade to better integrate with the terraces opposite; modifications to the internal configuration and provision of 12 extra beds; relocation of the ground floor cafe, removal of vehicle access; and modifications to the layout of the basement,

DP&I are currently assessing the application.