Project updates

January 2016

The construction of the Business School is now complete and the Business School have moved in.

December 2015

Business School

A topping out ceremony was held on 31 October 2014 to celebrate the milestone of the top floor level of the building being reached. The ceremony was attended by the Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence and the Dean of the Business School Professor Gregory Whitwell.

Now the structural frame is complete the perimeter of the building is being enclosed with both glazed and solid facade elements starting from the top down. The western section of the building (located closest to the Darlington Primary School) is expected to be fully enclosed by the end of February 2015. This progressive enclosure of the building will occur in a west to east direction.

The remaining external works on the project include the installation of the sunscreen frame system to all upper floors, together with landscaped walls, paving, planters and planting.

The internal fit out of the building's functional spaces is taking place simultaneously with the facade enclosure, including installation of electrical, mechanical, fire and hydraulics services and floor, wall and ceiling finishes.

From March 2015 onwards the three tower cranes will be progressively dismantled and removed from site.

Authority Approvals

Modification to Condition D11 Hours of Work

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has approved John Holland's Section 75W Modification 4 application to extend the permissible working hours from a 6pm to a 10pm finish Monday to Friday and from 3pm to 10pm finish on Saturdays.

The works that can be undertaken during this extension are limited to non-structural internal quieter works only.

City of Sydney - Development Application Approval

The City of Sydney Council has approved the Development Application submitted by the University of Sydney for the fit out and use of internal space in the Business School for a cafe including 50 internal seats and 82 outdoor seats.

Abercrombie Student Accommodation

Work is progressing well on the Student Accommodation site with the structure being topped off in February 2015.

The facade enclosure will occur progressively as the structure rises, with internal services and fitout works not far behind.

Download Abercrombie Student Accomodation Summary Operational Management (PDF 16kb)

Authority Approvals

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has approved John Holland's Section 75W Modification 5 Application for the:

  • Installation of photovoltaic cells;
  • Rationalisation and consolidation of rooftop plan into a single screen enclosure; and
  • Amended privacy screen pattern design,