Traffic and parking

The University understands that traffic and parking are important issues for our community, particularly the many parents and carers of children from Darlington Public School.

The revised design for the precinct includes:

  • an improved school drop-off zone for Darlington Public School on Golden Grove Street
  • improved pedestrian links and ease of access to Darlington Public School
  • fewer car spaces within the precinct to reduce the number of car movements.

Overall, the Abercrombie Precinct redevelopment will provide:

  • 82 car parking spaces
  • 247 Business School building bicycle parking spaces
  • 31 student accommodation building bicycle parking spaces

One of the conditions of planning approval sets out that there should be no vehicle access to the site from Abercrombie Street. An alternative access solution is now part of the tender process for the selection of a design and construction contractor.

Improved pedestrian and bicycle links for Darlington

Another condition of approval for the project is about improving the connections of the new precinct with the broader University campus and local public transport nodes.

The University will prepare a 'Darlington Precinct Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Strategy', investing $2 million in improvements. We will work with the local community, City of Sydney Council and the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority on this strategy. More information about the access strategy.