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You can search by name, faculty or department and even find an on-campus Justice of the Peace

Justices of the Peace (JPs)

We have a number of JPs on campus, available by appointment. Check the list below to find one near you.

Please note, the list of JPs below isn't a formal register. It is a voluntary service and is available only to students and staff of the University of Sydney.

JPs on campus

Camperdown/Darlington Campus (includes ATP)

Abercrombie Building (H70)
Alison Suttie
9036 9082
(Between 10am to 12pm, Monday and Wednesday by appointment only)

Jimmy Northwood
8627 4715
(Rm 3056 between 12pm to 1pm, Friday by appointment only)

Venessa Ahern
9036 9584
(Between 10am to 12pm, Monday to Thursday by appointment only)

Biomedical Building (Australian Technology Park) (C81)
Lindsay Campbell
8627 1016

Carslaw Building (F07)
Shelton Peiris
9351 5764

Chemistry (F11)
Carlo Piscicelli, (between the hours of 8.30am-12.30pm Tues-Fri by appointment only)
9351 2746

Economics & Business Building (H69)
Eric Clubb
9036 7813

Education Building (A35)
Michael  Narciso (by appointment only)
9351 7046 

Edward Ford (A27)
Danielle Somers (by appointment only)
9351 6942

Gatekeeper's Lodge (B03)
Peter Higgins (by appointment only)
9036 9479

ICT 316 Abercrombie St (G17)
Victor Fang (by appointment only)
9036 9507

Institute Building (H03)
Damien Burns (by appointment only)
9351 6167

International House (G06)
Jessica Carroll (by appointment only)
9950 9800

Margaret Telfer Building (Arundel Street K07)
Nilla Merrigan (by appointment only)
9351 2301

Medical Foundation Building (K25)
92-94 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown
Robert Markham
9036 3126
9351 2722

Quadrangle (A14)
Helen Ash (by appointment only, please email to confirm availability)

Quadrangle (A14)
Megan Kemmis (by appointment only, please email to confirm availability)

School of Information Technologies Building (J12)
Simon McCoy (by appointment only)
9036 6596

Woolcock Institute of Medical Research (K26)
Brett Toelle
9114 0462

Conservatorium of Music

Craig Morgan, PhD candidate (by appointment only, please email)


Block F
Charlyn Millano
9351 9623

Block A Level 1
Tracy Guthrie
9351 9759

Dubbo (School of Rural Health)

School of Rural Health, Sydney Medical School
Kiffin Miller
5809 9422 ext 82422

Mallett St

Michelle Knight
Nursing Student Services
9351 0500


Karen Hayward
Brain and Mind Centre
9114 4075


Orange (School of Rural Health)

School of Rural Health Audley Clinic, Cnr Acacia & Canobolas Drive Bloomfield Health Service, Orange
Beth Mills (by appointment only)
5310 4126

School of Rural Health Orange Campus 1502 Forest Road Orange NSW 2800
Sharon Boog (Mon - Tues, Thurs - Fri only, email for appointment)

Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School (SAHCS)

Pathology Department Level 5 (Clifford Tower) Sydney Adventist Hospital
Dr Bevan Hokin (by apppointment only Mon-Fri)
9487 9511

To request updates to the JPs list, please email: