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A healthier place to learn

Supporting and promoting a healthier university for all
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Healthy Sydney University is a university-wide initiative that brings together students and staff to promote the health and wellbeing of our community.

Healthy Sydney University provides small amounts of seed funding for projects that support healthy people, build healthy places, develop healthy policies and implement healthy practices.

Staff and students can get involved by joining one of our working groups, applying for seed funding, or signing up for our monthly newsletter.

Healthy Sydney University is based in the Charles Perkins Centre Research and Education Hub, and chaired by Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn from the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Planned programs and initiatives


Eat better

Eat better logo of an orange

We want to support students and staff in making informed and healthy food choices on campus. Our 'Eat better' working group is committed to achieving this goal by collaborating with food providers on and off campus.  


In 2016 we plan to:

  • roll out nutritional labelling in campus food outlets
  • implement our healthy catering guidelines for University events
  • develop and test an online nutrition module to educate students about healthy eating and nutrition
  • ask University of Sydney students and staff about their perceptions and attitudes of the sale and promotion of sugar-sweetened beverages on campus. To be involved in this project, please download and read the Participant Information Statement and complete the online survey.

Co-chairs: Professor Stephen Colagiuri and Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli.

Mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing logo of a brain

Our ‘Mental wellbeing’ group focuses on how we can support the mental health of all. We are interested in promoting resilient mental health behaviours and exploring new ways to support the mental wellbeing of our community.


In 2016, we will work to:

  • implement our blueprint for student mental wellbeing
  • develop a student wellbeing video
  • promote chill-out zones in our campus libraries and study spaces
  • promote opportunities for staff and students to develop resilience.

Co-chairs: Dr Marie Leech and Ms Julia Cohen.

Move more, sit less

Move More, Sit Less logo of a pair of footprints

Our 'Move more, sit less’ working group looks for creative and practical solutions to get our community moving more and sitting less. We believe physical activity should be an enjoyable and everyday part of our lives.


In 2016, we will work to:

  • trial new ways to promote stair use in buildings
  • reduce the sitting time of staff and students, by encouraging standing breaks and walking meetings
  • promote active travel to and from our campuse, for example through the creation of an Active Travel Guide and supporting cycling initiatives
  • encourage staff and students to meet and move by taking part in our 'walking bus' trial between Camperdown-Darlington campus and Redfern station.

Co-chairs: Associate Professor Martin Mackey and Professor Tim Gill.

Get involved

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Since 2012, Healthy Sydney University has:

A blueprint for student mental wellbeing

Download PDF

Healthy Sydney University - Strategic Plan 2016-2020

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2015 Symposium booklet

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Contact Healthy Sydney University

+61 2 9036 7891

Level 6, Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney