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A healthier place to learn

Supporting initiatives to drive healthy habits on campus

Healthy Sydney University provides seed funding for projects that support healthy people, build healthy places, and create healthy policies and practices for our University community.

Healthy Sydney University is based in the Charles Perkins Centre Research and Education Hub, and chaired by Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn from the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Our past projects include a travel and physical activity survey of 3700 staff and students, a kilojoule-labelling project with the University of Sydney Union and a study on stair use in our buildings.

Students and staff are welcome to get involved by joining one of our working groups, or signing up for our monthly newsletter. If you have an idea for a healthy initiative on campus, contact us on

Planned projects and initiatives

In 2015, Healthy Sydney University is working to:

  • increase the availability of fresh fruit in our campus food outlets
  • trial healthier options in our vending machines in library and study spaces
  • support more mindfulness workshops, training and research
  • develop healthy catering guidelines for University events
  • support the creation of a University travel plan based on healthy and sustainable travel to and from our campuses
  • trial standing desks in lecture theatres for students
  • promote good oral health and nutrition choices for students
  • encourage our community to sit less during meetings by taking standing breaks or walking meetings.

Our achievements in 2013 and 2014

Our working groups

Eat better

Creating healthy food environments on campus

Our ‘Eat Better’ working group works to help build an environment where staff, students and visitors have a range of food choices and are supported to make informed decisions about what they eat.

Members of the group are involved in creating healthy food environments on campus and researching how we can make our University a role model for other institutions and workplaces.

This group meets on the third Tuesday of every month.

Co-chairs: Professor Stephen Colagiuri and Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli
Meeting time: 2–3pm
Meeting dates, Semester 2 2015: 18 August; 15 September; 20 October; 17 November; 15 December
Location: Meeting Room 20.04, Level 2, Charles Perkins Centre, Camperdown Campus

Move more, sit less

Our ‘Move more, sit less’ working group looks for creative and practical solutions to get our community moving more and sitting less. We want to create opportunities for students and staff to be more active and energetic on campus.

Our projects aim to reduce the time spent slouched in chairs at our computers, use the stairs rather than the lift, and enjoy a standing break in lectures and meetings.

We believe physical activity should be an enjoyable and everyday part of our lives.

This group meets on the first Thursday of every month.

Co-chairs: Professor Adrian Bauman and Professor Tim Gill

Meeting time: 9.30–10.30am
Meeting dates, Semester 2 2015: 6 August; 3 September; 1 October; 5 November; 3 December
Location: Meeting Room 20.04, Level 2, Charles Perkins Centre, Camperdown Campus

Mental wellbeing

Ways to combat stress

A university is a place ripe with benefits, opportunities and advantages, but it can also be a trigger for increased stress and pressure on our mental wellbeing.

The ‘Mental Wellbeing’ group focuses on how we can build an environment that promotes and supports the mental health and wellbeing of all. We are interested in promoting resilient mental health behaviours and exploring new ways through which to support the mental wellbeing of our community.

This group meets on the second Wednesday of every month.

Chair: Dr Marie Leech
Meeting time: 2–3pm
Meeting dates, Semester 2 2015: 12 August; 9 September; 14 October; 11 November; 9 December
Location: Meeting Room 20.04, Level 2, Charles Perkins Centre, Camperdown Campus


Effecting change in policy

Healthy Sydney University works to embed health and wellbeing in the policies and practices of our community, from graduate attributes to design standards for buildings. We want to ensure our changes are sustainable in the long term.

Chairs: Professor Ian Caterson and Ms Julia Cohen
Meeting dates: Email

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