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Apply for seed funding

We provide small amounts of seed funding each year.
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We're working to create a university that supports healthy people, builds healthy places, and creates healthy policies.

Healthy Sydney University provides seed funding to initiate projects and activities that fit with Healthy Sydney University's aims and Guiding Principles.

Please download and read the Healthy Sydney University Project Information Pack (359kb PDF) before submitting your seed funding application. Please note that applications will not be assessed unless they have been presented to a Healthy Sydney University working group. If you aren’t sure which working group to request funding or support from, or want to discuss your project, please contact us on

Details of applicant (Project leader)

ie. department, faculty, student organisation or association

Project details

Please outline:

  • the aims and objectives of the project;
  • project or intervention description (and evaluation method if relevant);
  • timeline for project.

Please outline:

  • the existing evidence to support undertaking this project or the application of a promising approach from another setting to university setting;
  • how your project is evidence-informed and evidence-generating.

Please outline:

  • team members and institutional affiliation;
  • use of existing resources to support project;
  • appropriate expertise to ensure successful project outcomes.

Please outline:

  • how your project or initiative could be scaled up and/ or embedded within the broader University community;
  • your strategy for dissemination of results – digital, social media etc. 


Please document the following, indicating for each section whether it will be in-kind support (ie. this will be provided by you, your faculty, professional service unit, or a source outside the University) or you are requesting a proposed contribution for seed funding from Healthy Sydney University (Please note that the maximum allocation per project is typically AUD $5,000).

Eg. 1 x Research Assistant HEO Level 5 for a total of 100 hours.
Eg. FitBit to measure number of steps taken
Eg. Printed posters 3 x $30 each