Development of the Disability Action Plan and consultation phase

A Disability Action Plan Development Group was set up by the Senior Executive Group to guide the development of the action plan. The Development Group consists of representatives from across the University, including students and staff with disabilities. The Development Group has assisted in the review of progress achieved since the last Disability Action Plan and in setting goals to address access. The University recognises that while progress has been made on eliminating inequity and fostering an environment of inclusion and access, there is still more work to be done.

The University has also been thorough in its approach to consult all members of the University community and to engage all staff and student views. During 2012, all students and staff were invited to attend University-wide disability action plan workshops. In addition, the University conducted a comprehensive staff and student survey to further understand the current level of access and inclusion issues within all areas of the University.

Data and feedback were summarised by the project team and discussed with the Development Group to inform the development of the Disability Action Plan.

Review and evaluation

This Disability Action Plan is an evolving plan of action and therefore it requires ongoing review, evaluation and monitoring to ensure its implementation. The University will review, evaluate and monitor the plan in the following ways:

  1. As outlined in this Disability Action Plan, a number of governance structures will be established to ensure the implementation of the plan, including a sub-committee of the Senior Executive Group; a University Consultative Committee (which reports to a Senior Executive Group Sub-Committee) and local (faculty/business unit) disability/equity committees (which report to faculty and divisional boards and the Senior Executive Group Sub-Committee).
  2. Quarterly reports will be provided to the Senior Executive Group on the implementation, progress and outstanding issues for resolution of the action plan.
  3. An annual survey of staff and students will be conducted to capture data on disabilities and to monitor and evaluate the success of the Disability Action Plan, including measures of the culture of inclusivity within the University.

Importantly, the University’s students, staff and visitors will be consulted as part of the review and evaluation process.

While particular heads of faculties and administrative units are listed as being responsible for particular strategies and outcomes of the action plan, all staff and students are expected to play a part in addressing the access and inclusion of people with disabilities.

Continual consultation with students, staff and visitors

This Disability Action Plan is evolving and, in order to keep it relevant, the University welcomes input or feedback from students, staff and visitors about any matter regarding access and inclusion. Please contact:

Disability Services
T +61 2 8627 8526