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APRIL 2014

Work begins on local DAPs

As part of the implementation of the University's third Disability Action Plan (DAP) 2013-18 each faculty (and key professional service unit) is required to develop their own localised DAP. The local DAPs will identify unique faculty initiatives which support the rights and needs of students and staff with disabilities and support the 6 overall objectives of the University's DAP.

Each local DAP has been assigned a Project Sponsor who is responsible for developing a working group. The working group will support the Project Sponsor in developing ideas, initiatives, projects and responsibilities for their local DAP. All nominated Project Sponsors have now participated in local DAP workshops which were conducted over February and March, to help guide project sponsors in developing their local DAPs.

Once all local DAP's are developed Faculties (and key Professional Service Units) will be responsible for ensuring their DAP is implemented and provide regular reports to the Disability Action Plan SEG Committee. If you would like to get in touch with your project sponsor or be involved in the implementation of your local DAP or for any enquiries please contact Louise Bannerman.