Heritage Asset Management Strategy (HAMS)

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Heritage Asset Management Strategy (HAMS) (PDF 3.8MB)

The Heritage Asset Management Strategy process has been designed by the NSW Heritage Branch and the NSW State Treasury to help organisations prepare asset management plans for the conservation and management of heritage assets. The University’s HAMS is the guiding document for conservation and maintenance.

Heritage building fabric - Conservation plans program (PDF 2MB).

Heritage building fabric - Conservation works program (PDF 2MB).

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Our Heritage Asset Management Strategy (HAMS) together with the Section 170 Register and the conservation management plans are the tools the University uses to meet the requirements of the NSW Heritage Act 1977.

This document responds to the State Agency Heritage Guide, issued by the Heritage Council of NSW in December 2004.

The Guide requires certain actions under Sections 170 and 170A of the Heritage Act 1977. Core elements include:

  • integrating heritage asset management with overall asset management and service delivery
  • the existence of a Heritage Asset Management Strategy (HAMS) to demonstrate how compliance with the principles and guidelines will be achieved through service delivery requirements and budget constraints
  • details of when the University will complete their Section 170 Heritage and Conservation Registers.
  • opportunities to establish self management regimes leading to the delegation of Heritage Council approvals and/or exemptions from Heritage Council approvals.