Ground conservation plan

Camperdown and Darlington campus

The Grounds conservation plan is the record of the research and analysis of the built and cultural heritage of the University with the resulting significances. Knowing what is significant and why, is the basis for preservation, conservation and maintenance of the University’s heritage.

What is heritage?

The Burra Charter, Australia’s peak heritage document, states:

There are places worth keeping because they enrich our lives – by helping us understand the past; by contributing to the richness of the present environment; and because we expect them to be of value to future generations.

The cultural significance of a place is embodied in its fabric, its setting and its contents; in its use and in peoples’ memory and association with the place.

The program

The Documents

Chapter one: Introduction (PDF 1.2MB)
Chapter two: Summary history of the development of the University (PDF 2.1MB)
Chapter three: Physical description (PDF 377KB)
Chapter four: Analysis (PDF 271KB)
Chapter five: Statement of significance (PDF 117KB)
Chapter six: Development of policy - Opportunity and constraints (PDF 297KB)
Chapter seven: Conservation policy for the University Grounds (PDF 75.9KB)
Chapter eight: Recommendations and bibliography (PDF 10.8KB)

Appendix A: University of Sydney overview history (PDF 471 KB)

Appendix B: Legislation for the protection and management of aboriginal cultural heritage in New South Wales (PDF 13.4KB)

Download a full copy of the Ground Conservation Plan (PDF 5.7MB) and/or the Appendices (PDF 480KB)

The Project Team

For the University:
Derek Hallam , Garry Murray, Tracie Harvison, Harry Rourke, Michelle Greer.

The Consultant Team:
Michael Pearson, Duncan Marshall, Donald Ellsmore, Sue Rosen, Val Attenbrow, Rosemary Kerr, Chris Betteridge.

For more information contact:
Chris Legg-Wilkinson, University Heritage Architect
T: 9351 3839
F: 9351 6489