About the University

Our scholars and students share a passionate commitment to the transformative power of education. Our research makes a real difference to our understanding of today's world and how we work and live in it, and we enrich our community by bringing together people from all social and cultural backgrounds.

Our profile

Our profile

Find out about our organisational structure and leadership, how our fascinating history as Australia's oldest university continues to drive our determination to widen participation today, and browse through other information about the University.

Our campuses

Our campuses

We have a number of campuses in Sydney, and because we believe in practical experience we also have teaching and research facilities in leading hospitals and agricultural areas. Find out where we're located and what's on each campus.

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Our people

Visionary scholars, transformative teachers, students who excel in studies, art and sport ... our people come from all backgrounds to change Australia's future. Read some of their stories.

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Our strategic priorities

Learn about how our researchers are tackling the 'big questions' of the 21st century, and how we are enabling students from all backgrounds to make their mark when they graduate.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation

Find out how we are encouraging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation, engagement, education and research in all areas of our work.