The Vice-Chancellor's publications

Books and journals

Dr Spence has published research on contract, equity, unfair competition, intellectual property, and information technology. He is a member of several editorial/advisory boards.



Articles and Chapters


  • Review of Treitel, Frustration and Force Majeure and McKendrick (ed.) 'Force Majeure and Frustration of Contract' [1996] Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 156


Articles and chapters

  • 'Equitable Defences' in Equity, P. Parkinson (ed.), 2nd ed, Sydney: LBC Information Services, 2001
  • 'Equitable Defences' in Equity, P. Parkinson (ed.), Sydney: Law Book Company, 1996
  • 'Equitable Defences' in The Laws of Australia: Equity, Sydney: Law Book Company, 1995
  • 'Equitable Defences' in The Laws of Australia: Equity, Sydney: Law Book Company, 1993 (and supplements 1994, 1995 and 1997)

Unfair competition


  • The Law of Comparative Advertising: Directive 97/55/EC in the United Kingdom and Germany, Oxford: Hart, 1999 (co-authored with Dr. A Ohly)
  • Comparative Advertising Directive London: Intellectual Property Institute 2000 (co-authored with Dr. A. Ohly)


Intellectual Property

Books and studies

  • Intellectual Property, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2007
  • The Modern Law of Patents, London: Butterworths, 2005 with T. Cook and A. Roughton (eds)
  • Opposition in the European Patent Office: An Underestimated Weapon? (2.9mb PDF), Olswang/OIPRC study (2001) with T. Adam
  • The First Mover Monopoly, Olswang/OIPRC study (2000) with M. Likhovski (principal author) and M. Molineaux
  • Protecting Traditional Knowledge and Folkore, Report for the Commonwealth Secretariat (2001) with G. Dutfield (principal author)

Articles and chapters

  • 'Clearing House Mechanisms: Conceptual Framework: Comment on a Paper by Esther Van Zimmerman' in G. Van Overwalle Gene Patents and Clearing Models Cambridge: CUP 2009
  • 'Restricting Allusion to Trade Marks: A New Justification' in G. Dinwoodie and M. Janis (eds), Trade Mark Law and Theory: A Handbook of Contemporary Research, Edward Elgar: Northampton MA (in press 2007)
  • 'An Alternative Approach to Dilution Protection: A Response to Scott, Oliver and Ley Pineda' in L. Bently, J. Davis and J. Ginsburg, Trade Marks and Brands, Cambridge: CUP (in press 2007)
  • 'Rogers v. Koons: Copyright and the Problem of Artistic Appropriation' in D. McLean (ed), Trials of Art, London: Ridinghouse, 2007
  • 'Private Control/Public Speech' (71kb PDF) in K. Ziegler, Human Rights and Private Law: Privacy as Autonomy, Oxford: Hart, 2007 (with L. K. Treiger-Bar-Am)
  • 'The Mark as Expression/The Mark as Property' (2005) 58 Current Legal Problems 491
  • 'Vagueness in the Scope of Copyright' (1.1mb PDF) with T. Endicott (2005) 121 Law Quarterly Review 657
  • 'La tutela dei format scoperti negli archivi televisivi' (2003) 8 Quaderni di AIDA 35
  • 'I brevetti di metodi per attività commerciali' (660kb PDF), [2002] Studi Senesi 583
  • 'Justifying Copyright' in K. Schubert and D. McLean (eds), Dear Images, London: Ridinghouse, 2002
  • 'Two Australian Comparative Advertising Cases: The View from Europe' [2001] EIPR 524
  • 'Section 10(3) of the Trade Marks Act 1994: Is there really a logical lapse?' [2001] EIPR 423
  • 'Which Intellectual Property Rights are Trade-Related? (1.2mb PDF)' in Francioni, F. and Scovazzi, M. (eds), Environment, Human Rights and International Trade, Oxford: Hart, 2001
  • 'Intellectual Property and the Problem of Parody' (1.4mb PDF), (1998) 114 Law Quarterly Review 594
  • 'Patents and Biotechnology' (1997) 113 Law Quarterly Review 368
  • 'Passing Off and the Misappropriation of Valuable Intangibles' (1.5mb PDF) (1996) Law Quarterly Review 472
  • 'Aspects of Co-ownership' (1987) 5 Copyright Reporter No.2
  • 'The Report of the CLRC on Performer's Protection: Brief Summary' (1987) 5 Copyright Reporter No.3
  • 'License-it-or-lose-it' (1987) 5 Copyright Reporter No.6
  • 'Copyright and Historians' (1987), Royal Australian Historical Society Technical Information Service No.9
  • 'Arts Administrators and Copyright' ACC Bulletin No.60 (with S. Bridge)
  • 'Copyright and Designs Law: Reform issues' ACC Bulletin No.61 (with S. Bridge)
  • 'Copyright and Historians' ACC Bulletin No.62 (with E. Baulch)


  • Review of Sherman and Strowel, Of Authors and Origins (1995), 111 Law Quarterly Review 346
  • Review of Woodmansee and Jaszi, The Construction of Authorship (1995), 46 Review of English Studies 610
  • Review of Saunders, Authorship and Copyright (1994), 45

Information Technology

Books and studies


  • 'Institutional Infrastructure for Global Research Networks in the Public Sector' (with Paul A. David) in W H Dutton and P W Jeffrey (eds) Worldwide Research: Reshaping the Sciences and Humanities MIT Press: Cambridge, Mass. 2010

Other fields


  • 'Speech Given on the Occasion of the Launch of the University of Adelaide Research Unit for the Study of Law, Society and Religion' (2009) 30 Adelaide Law Review 11

Editorial/Advisory Boards

  • iCreative Commons UK 2003 -
  • CMLP, Advisory Board 1998-
  • Copyright Reporter, Editorial Committee, 1988
  • European National Patent Reports, Editor, 2000 - 2003
  • New Horizons in Intellectual Property, Co-Editor with C. Greenhalgh and R. Pitkethly, 2002 -
  • OULCF, Editorial Board, 2000-
  • Oxford Analytica Daily Brief, Contributor
  • New Horizons in Intellectual Property - Forthcoming Edward Elgar series - Co-editor
  • Sydney Law Review, Student Editorial Committee, 1986

Papers and works in progress

Dr Spence has presented papers and lectures on a variety of areas, including contract, equity, unfair competition, intellectual property, and information technology.

Conference papers / Guest lectures

  • The Legal Framework for e-Research/Cyberinfrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities and The International Dimension, International e-Research Conference, Surfers Paradise, 2007
  • Intellectual Property Theory in Practice, Mannheimer Swartling Conference, Oxford 2006
  • Clearing House Mechanisms: Conceptual Framework: Comment in a Paper by Esther Van Zimmerman, University of Leuven Conference Centre for Intellectual Property Rights "Gene Patents and Clearing Models", Leuven 2006
  • Institutional Infrastructures for Global Research Networks in the Public Sector, CODATA, UNESCO, ICSTI, INASP, ISU, IAP, TWAS
  • International Workshop 'Creating an Information Commons for e-Science', UNESCO, Paris, 2005
  • Intellectual Property and the creator, University of Birmingham seminar series 'Christian Perspectives on Current Legal Issues', Birmingham, 2005
  • The Mark as Expression/The Mark as Property (1.2mb PDF), Current Legal Studies Lecture, University College, London, 2005
  • Private Control - Public Speech, Leiden/Munich/Oxford Joint Colloquium on Human Rights: Privacy, Oxford 2005 with Leslie Kim Trieger Bar Am
  • Intellectual Property and the Creator, Christian Perspectives on Current Legal Issues Seminar Series, University of Birmingham Faculty of Law, 2004
  • Intellectual Property Law and the Social Sciences, Peking University Guest Lecture, 2004
  • Vagueness in the Scope of Copyright, AHRB Workshop, Birkbeck College, London, 2004 (with T A O Endicott)
  • Current Issues in Trade Mark and Unfair Competition, Masters Intensive Course, University of Sydney, 2003
  • Parallel Importation in Australia and Europe Staff seminar, Freehills, Sydney, 2003
  • Protecting Business Ideas, Thames Valley Commercial Lawyers Association, 2003
  • Business Method Patents and Financial Services, Response to Paper by John Conley, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and University of North Carolina School of Law Financial Markets Conference, 2003
  • Introduction to Patents and Biotechnology, Said Business School Seminar Series 'Genetic Knowledge in Oxford - Networks and Opportunities?' 2002
  • Opposition in the European Patent Office - 'An underestimated weapon?' , Minnesota Intellectual Property Bar Association, Minneapolis, 2002
  • Opposition in the European Patent Office - 'An underestimated weapon?', Silicon Valley Intellectual Property Bar Association, Santa Clara, 2002
  • La tutela dei format scoperti negli archivi televisivi, Prix Italia Conference, Palermo, 2002
  • What’s so Trade-Related about Intellectual Property?, Vancouver IP Bar Association Meeting, 2002
  • The Patentability of Business Methods in the United States and Europe, Victoria University lunchtime seminar, 2002
  • Trade Marks and Unfair Competition Intensive Course, Victoria University, Canada, 2002, 2003
  • The Role of the Legal Educator in Legal Education and Legal Education in Britain, China University of Political Science and Law, 2002
  • Patenting Business Methods, CERNA, Paris 2002
  • La brevettabilita dei metodi commerciali, Universita degli Studi di Siena, 2001
  • Current Issues in European and Japanese Intellectual Property Law, St Catherine's College (organised with the assistance of the IIP Japan), Kobe and Tokyo 2001 - Speaker and principal organiser
  • 'Trade Mark Infringement by Dilution', Licensing Executives Society Annual Conference, Oxford, 2001
  • Oxford-Leiden E-Commerce Staff Exchange - Response to a paper on e-commerce and the Database Directive, 2001
  • Patents for Business Methods, 2001 NECG/IP Australia/UNSW Conference, 'Intellectual Property: Competition Law’s Next Frontier?'
  • Current Law Seminar, Gadens Solicitors, Sydney, Patents for Business Methods, 2000
  • 'The Convergence of Corporate Law & IP – Patenting of Business Methods', Corporate Law Seminar Series 2000, University of Sydney
  • 'Which Intellectual Property Rights are Trade Related?'- Environment, Human Rights and the Liberalization of Trade, Università degli Studi di Siena, 2000
  • Staff Development Seminar The E-Commerce Directive Bird&Bird Solicitors, London, 2000
  • NYU Law-Oxford University Institute Workshop Emerging Issues in a Global Information Society, Engelbert Centre, NYU, 2000
  • IPI Seminar on Comparative Advertising 1999
  • E-Commerce and E-Tailing, Hawkesmere Seminars, Spring 1999, Autumn 1999, Spring 2000
  • St Peter's Seminars in Intellectual Property, Hilary Term and Trinity Term 1999, Hilary Term 2000, Hilary Term 2004
  • Current Issues in UK and Japanese Intellectual Property Law, St Catherine's College (organised with the assistance of the IIP Japan), Kobe and Tokyo 1999 - Speaker and principal organiser
  • Pinsent Curtis Commercial Law Department Training Weekend 1998, 1999, 2001
  • Patent Office Forum, London, 1998
  • Naming the Bones and Claiming the Stones, Drue Heinz Center/Getty Research Institute Conference, Oxford 1998
  • OIPRC/MSM Conference Law and Economics Section, Oxford, 1997
  • Faculty Seminar in Intellectual Property, Universita degli Studi di Siena, 1997
  • JCL/UKCCL/SPTL Contract Conference, Cambridge, 1996
  • Centre for Socio-legal Studies, Oxford, Intellectual Property Seminar Series, 1996
  • Internet Seminar, Economics Faculty, Oxford, 1995
  • Staff Seminar, University of Melbourne, 1995
  • Staff Seminar, University of Sydney, 1995
  • Legal Training Section, Association of American Law Schools Conference, 1995
  • Staff Development Seminar, University College London, 1993
  • Recent Developments Third International Copyright Law and Practice Symposium, Sydney, 1987
  • Legal Seminars of the Community Arts Network (Copyright), Tasmania, 1987
  • University of New South Wales, Archives Course Copyright Lecture, 1987
  • Seminars of the Australian Copyright Council, various locations in NSW and WA 1987 – 1988

Work in progress

  • 'The Institutional Infrastructures of e-Research' in W. H. Dutton and P. Jeffreys (eds), The Promises, Threats and Realities of e-Research
  • 'Private Labels and Trade Mark Theory' in A. Ezrachi and U. Bernitz (eds), Private Labels, Brands and Competition Policy
    'The Quantification of Damages for the Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights' (with A. Plaia)
    'Sectoral Specificity in the Use of the Patent System' (with S. Thambisetty)