Planned projects

Planning for our future

At the heart of our Campus Improvement Program (CIP) concept proposal is our commitment to providing a world-class environment for our students, staff, visitors, and the local community to enjoy.

The CIP will provide for enhanced cultural, recreation, arts, sporting, educational and social spaces that will meet the needs of our future campus population and neighbours alike.

As well as defining the location and purpose of new buildings and infrastructure across six campus precincts, the Campus Improvement Program concept proposal provides plans for:

  • public spaces
  • pedestrian and cycle paths
  • retail amenities and services
  • parking areas
  • heritage and conservation works
  • sustainability measures
  • improved community access to University facilities

One of the six campus proposed precincts is the Cultural Precinct. It seeks to convert the heritage significant Science Road area as a principal visitor destination precinct accommodating cultural, museum and heritage components. The precinct will be reinforced by the internal refurbishment of the Macleay and Edgeworth-David buildings in developing a museum and cultural exhibition centre.

What we are trying to achieve

Our CIP aims to deliver a number of positive outcomes to benefit the staff and students of the University, and the broader community of the Darlington and Camperdown areas.

To support and foster ongoing world-class research

  • Upgrade the quality of existing Campus facilities
  • Promote collaborative learning and research facilities
  • Create shared learning and teaching pedagogy between Faculties

To deliver a positive student learning experience

  • Provision of affordable student accommodation
  • Facilitate a diverse and vibrant campus life

To create a culturally-competent environment

  • Recognise and celebrate Aboriginal heritage and cultural significance

To positively contribute to our local community

  • Ensure greater access to and through the Campus
  • Establish the University as an exciting visitor destination

To retain our unique heritage

  • Respect the history and ‘Sandstone’ significance of Australia’s first University

Campus Improvement Program benefits

Educational benefits:
The co-location of faculties and the sharing of resources will help the University to retain and improve its status as a world-class educational and research institution.

Social benefits:
Environment/Security: The retention of students on campus on a more permanent basis will support local businesses and increase vibrancy around the campus, improving overall safety and surveillance within the local community.

Public Access: Improved access to, and through, the University will help to reduce the reliance on private vehicle use. University access will link into the surrounding City of Sydney bicycle and pedestrian networks, supporting the use of active transport by staff and students.

Accommodation: The delivery of student accommodation will provide a unique campus living experience, helping to ease pressure on the local housing rental market and providing affordable options for students.

Operational efficiency benefits:
Campus facilities and services will be significantly improved with common physical and IT access to shared research disciplines.

Contact the University

If you have any questions about the CIP, please contact:

Stephane Kerr
Project Director Campus Improvement Program
Tel: (02) 9351 3128


Julie Parsons
Project Manager, Campus Infrastructure and Services
Tel: (02) 9351 4324