Assessment criteria for seed funding

Healthy Sydney University has a small allocation of seed funding available to support innovation and initiatives in all areas under its remit – healthy people, healthy places and healthy policies.

Seed funding is available to initiate or ‘seed’ projects that are evidence-informed and with the expectation that they will be evidence-generating. In most cases, seed funding will be allocated to ensure the evaluation of practical strategies or interventions with university-based outcomes related to healthy people, healthy places and healthy policies. Where appropriate working groups will work with seed funding proposal initiators to ensure that the strategy aligns with the Healthy Sydney University guiding principles and the impact of interventions are evaluated scientifically and rigorously.

There will generally be an upper limit of $5000 available for each project funded. In exceptional cases consideration will be given to project proposals requesting higher amounts of funding. Our commitment is to projects that align most closely with Healthy Sydney University’s objectives and guiding principles.

All applications for seed funding will be given an overall merit ranking against the criteria below. Seed funding from Healthy Sydney University is not available for strategies planned by faculties or professional services units in the course of their usual business. We encourage you to contact Eloise Howse, Senior Project Officer, or Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn, Healthy Sydney University Director, if you are unsure whether your project is suitable for consideration for seed funding.

Seed funding may be used to assist the funding of:

  • Consumables or non-consumables needed for measuring the impact of interventions or strategies with University-based outcomes
  • Materials for which there is no other identified funding source
  • Student or research assistant time
  • Other items as decided by Healthy Sydney University

Assessment criteria for allocation of Healthy Sydney University seed funding

Contributes to a Healthy Sydney University learning and working environment

Evidence of collaborative, well-planned approach

Value for money

Capacity to evaluate and communicate

The project seeks to be innovative or develop ways to create a healthy learning and working environment  for University of Sydney staff/students/visitors.

The project supports the objectives of one of the four HSU working groups directly.     

The project adopts a settings-based, population health approach and aligns with the ‘healthy people, healthy places, healthy policies’ framework.

The project is well planned, has a methodology that can achieve the proposed outcomes, is achievable and realistic.

The project involves a range of people from around the University with the knowledge/expertise to deliver the program/project objectives and evaluation.


The proposal demonstrates a potential to deliver value for money by matching a realistic budget with potential contribution to a healthy learning and working environment.

The proposal is unique to other strategies already funded by Healthy Sydney University.


The proposal demonstrates the capacity to collect data or information relevant to evaluate the project.

The project findings will contribute directly to an evidence/knowledge base around healthy university settings.

There is a well-articulated plan to communicate outcomes to the wider university community  and publish findings as appropriate.