Our people

Our people – our researchers, students, alumni and staff – use the knowledge and skills they have gained at the University to change lives in Australia and around the world. These stories capture some of their journeys, discoveries and innovations.


Plant power

Professor Daniel Tan is exploring a new role for the agave plant as a biofuel.


Mozart’s modern protégée

Composer Sophie Spargo is proving herself a worthy modern successor to her hero, Mozart.

Photo of Joanne Mikl

Leaps and bounds

PhD candidate Joanne Mikl is combining two of her great passions: engineering and gymnastics.


Closing in on a new cancer vaccine

PhD student Lara Malins is pursuing a vaccine to prevent epithelial cancers.


Turning recycling into child's play

Professor Anita Bundy and her team are using recycling to make school playgrounds healthier.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Strategy and Services) Shane Houston

Meet Shane Houston

Find out what our Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Strategy and Services) has to say.


Our 90-year-old graduate

Unlike her fellow students, Lis Kirkby can draw on almost a century of experiences for inspiration.


Flying smarter

Professor Salah Sukkarieh and his team are taking pilotless aircraft to new heights.

Photo of a lizard in the desert

Thriving in the hot zone

Researcher Chris Dickman and his colleagues visit the desert to discover how we can conserve endangered environments.


Footy star's future direction

Rugby league player Corey Payne has only just begun to change lives around him, off the field.


The fight for food

The ground we walk on contains the potential to grow food to sustain us for years to come – if it is treated properly.


The truth about sharks

Chris Neff's research is challenging our thinking about one of our most feared predators.


Locusts and obesity

A voracious insect may help us unlock the secrets to preventing obesity.


Going back to school

Our finest minds are inspiring the next generation of science and mathematics teachers – in primary school classrooms.