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Our goal is to develop not only a sustainable infrastructure for the University, but an environmentally-minded community that supports sustainable habits and practices. Staff and students can each do their part to achieve better standards of resource efficiency and waste prevention on campus with simple actions and a more environmentally-minded approach to your daily routine.

Easy ways to be a sustainable

  1. Bring bottles for bubblers - bring a water bottle to uni and fill it up at the water stations around campus. It’s cheaper than buying bottled water, and reduces waste.
  2. Get on your bike! Riding to uni saves you money on petrol and parking and saves the environment the trouble of dealing with more exhaust fumes. We have plenty of bike racks on campus, bike parking locations.
  3. Printing is so passé - before you print, think: do you really need to print that? Printing your assignments is one thing, printing 100 pages of lecture notes is another. At the very least, print double-sided.
  4. The big turn off - surveys have shown that the majority of monitors in computer labs and library spaces are left on after use. With one poke of a button, you can help keep energy use as efficient as possible.
  5. A cup to keep - the daily coffee is a life or death necessity for many of us on campus. Most takeaway coffee cups are non-recyclable (thanks to a special plastic lining inside the cup), reusable cups are not only far more beneficial to the environment, they’re also great for travel. You can buy University of Sydney cups from various outlets on campus (or at the Sustainable Campus tent at O-Week for a discounted price).

Reuseable bottles


Water fountains


Ride to campus


Reuseable cups

Join our Student Network

We are recruiting passionate, keen students to help us create a sustainable campus. By volunteering in our student network, you can contribute to the cause in various ways. You can assist at major events, provide ideas and feedback for our sustainability initiatives, and be a super ambassador for all things sustainable!

If you’re interested in joining up, or would like to know more, email: