Sustainable campus

The University of Sydney is committed to a healthy and sustainable campus environment. We are implementing strategies to reduce the University’s environmental footprint and improve the sustainability of our campuses.

Our key initiatives aim to:

  • Improve energy and water efficiency
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Promote cost-effective and more sustainable energy supply to campuses
  • Improve campus resource recovery and recycling rates to minimise waste disposal
  • Incorporate practical sustainability measures in the design of new buildings and infrastructure
  • Deliver infrastructure to promote sustainable active transport and promoting policies to encourage public transport
  • Enhance campus biodiversity
  • Engage the University community on sustainability issues to influence better environmental behaviour
  • Network and collaborate with other leading universities to advance sustainability in the tertiary education sector

Contact us

Do you have a great idea to help improve the sustainability of the campus or have a general question? Your comments are important to us, please contact the .