Transport and mobility

The University is currently developing a Sustainable Transport and Mobility Plan (STAMP) to encourage the use of public transport by students, staff and visitors.

The STAMP initially focuses on the Camperdown and Darlington campuses. It identifies key strategies to improve the campus liveability by creating an accessible, pedestrian-friendly and healthier University environment.

The STAMP aims to:

  • increase the proportion of public transport, walking and cycling trips by students and staffs
  • improve health outcomes of students and staff living close to the University by encouraging the integration of exercise into their commute
  • reduce vehicle movements through the University to improve amenity, ease congestion and avoid conflicts amongst pedestrians, cyclists, and people using wheelchairs and mobility aids
  • better manage car parking demand;
  • provide socially equitable strategies to address specific car parking, transport and mobility of people with special requirements
  • provide accessible, affordable and quality cycling infrastructure for students and staff
  • improve connections to the city’s bicycle and public transport networks
  • reduce single occupancy car trips
  • reduce vehicle carbon emissions associated with travelling to and from campus